A Brief on PPO no HR-3282 Index No – 39

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A Brief on PPO no HR-3282 Index No – 39


Erroneous Calculation of Pension being given to Mrs L D Mohan wife of Dr M V D Mohan, by the higher education department haryana


  1. Introduction Late Dr MVD Mohan – He was an Indian scholar of  Pāli & Sanskrit languages and is a historian of world fame.

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  1. He had thorough knowledge of Brahmi Prakrit Khroshti Punjabi urdu English, German and hindi. He was the first distinguished scholar to translate ancient  Indian inscriptions (A period of 800 years upto 1000 BC) of North West south and East India written in ancient languages to English hindi & Sanskrit. The script of ancient Indian Inscriptions was Brahmi & Kharoshthi and earlier  students of Sanskrit & ancient history used to find it difficult to understand the subject in these scripts. Dr Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan was the first scholar to convert this script to Devnagri & Roman & there after translated the research work to Sanskrit Hindi & English. This work facilitated  Students to understand the subject easily. He was twice gold medalist of Panjab University and have never stood second in any examination and had a very brilliant academic record. 

 3. Introduction – Dr L D Mohan – She was born and brought up “on nationalist fervour” as a daughter of a veteran freedom fighter Giani Balwant Singh Dutt, who was  also a Social Reformer. She has also  successfully contributed filling gaps and crevices of the religious history of India. Their contributions to our society towards building religious and political history of ancient India can also not be ignored.

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  1. Brief Background of the Case – Dr M V D Mohan had joined Panjab university consequent to his post graduation during 1946 and served Government College Ludhiana) Punjab state from 1946 to 1967 & his last pay grade was Rs 700-1100 on recommendation of the Director Ministry of Labor. He served Panjab University at Ludhiana till 1967-1968 and had a brilliant service record. The pass percentage of his students was much above any college affiliated with panjab university. This is pertinent to mention here that pass percentage of his students, when he was a professor, was 100 % almost in every academic year while as principal government college narnaul, the performance of college improved by 20 to 30 % from previous academic year.


  Towards last phase of his career, which spanned to just 3 years consequent to partition of Panjab and his transfer to Haryana,  he got into a dispute with a notorious politician of haryana, Mr Bansi lal ie the Chief Minister of Haryana, while he was  a principal of Government college Narnaul.

(Understand the selection board constituted by  my father rejected a candidate from his village for the post of peon a class four employee during early 70s.

Dr MVD Mohan had just served only three years  and the chief minister Mr Bansi Lal unsuccessfully tried to build up a case against my father with the help of a local congress MLA (Scanned copies of evidences attached) To make the case stronger the local MLA obtained signatures of some students mischievously and used these signatures so as to submit a false complaint of high-handedness against my father without their knowledge. (All evidences are placed in enclosed attachments.) Later on this fraud was established when the student disclosed this truth in front of the inquiry board constituted by Panjab University.

 After having failed in his notorious trap Bansi Lal suspended my father but the university reinstated him. 

Once the CM could not prove any  charge against Dr M V D Mohan, he directed the education department to  retire him at the age of 55 years thereby violating the service norms given in the  constitution of India. They CM and the then government notoriously ignored all the provisions of various clauses of the constitution.

  For example

Under Article 14 th & 16 th of part III (Fundamental rights of the constitution retirement of a government employee at an age of 55 years is unconstitutional. ( A full bench of Allahabad high court had held that age of compulsory retirement of a state employee is 58 years. Retiring a state government employee at an age of 55 years is unconstitutional. The ruling was given by full bench while replying to two referred to it by a division bench.

The congress government of Haryana did not stop here and again reduced   his salary to half after close to three decades of service ie during 1971-72. (Earlier during 1967 his salary grade was 700-1100)   

These  unconstitutional decisions of the congress government and the justice system denied my father his due salary and perks.

Once an employee is awarded a particular  salary grade it can not be reversed unless there is some reason backed by some evidences. This is a fundamental rights of any state and central government employee.

As again he had come in promotion bracket towards end of his career and the DPI Haryana & Accountant General gave directives to the education department. But on the behest of the then CM the department did not issue revised PPO

Instead they added a word  “provisional”  in his  service book.

  This mischievous action of the then education department brought my fathers pension at par with class four employee of the state government. My father submitted several representations during his service and the retirement period (till 1989) but  the deaf and dumb state government & higher education department of Haryana continued with this callous behavior.

Consequent to my father’s death on 12 Sep 2003, the successive haryana governments continued with this injustice to the next of kin of my father ie my mother Dr L D Mohan  and has been paying a meagre basic pension of Rs 290/- . Like my father, She  has also represented to the government of haryana to review her pension since last one year and has asked for justice in her life time, but the department had not even bothered to reply her.


This is further stated that Dr M V D Mohan was reemployed by punjab  university from  1972 to 1977 (reemployed by Punjab University at VVRI Hoshiarpur Punjab) on a higher grade ie 700-1100)

And he was once again entitled pension based on this revised grade)


  I understand If the state government utilizes the services of employee after his retirement he is entitled pension based on new grade and new salary. 



Even if Haryana government calculates pension based on 400-800 grade (A salary grade mischievously reduced by the department at the time of retirement of my father even then she will get much higher amount then is being paid now as per the existing PPO no 3282. Index 39



 Following are facts of the case 

  1. Dr Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan was serving state of Punjab as on 01 Nov 1967 the date from which he was granted Rs 700-1100 – pay scale was drawing a substantive salary of Rs 900/- plus allowances (In 700-1100 Scale)  (Vide AG Punjab Pay Slip No GA9/Edu/LR/3102-03 dated 28 July 1973 read with AG pb correction slip no GA9/Edu/LR/7791-94 dated 21 Dec  1973 (Encls 3 & Encls 4) ( He was due for this grade wef 01 Nov 1966 as per  Punjab & Haryana High Court Orders on civil petition 1042 of 1968)
  2. During the reorganization of erstwhile state of punjab and  consequent to Punjab reorganization act his pay scale was wrongly revised to Rs 400-800 without any base and without following any rules.  The scale was however again revised to 700-1100 wef November 1970 and even after that education department failed to issue revised PPO from this date also and continued to keep him in lower grade

( This injustice led to denial of his basic right on the basis of merit in the seniority list as he stood 13 vide seniority as it stood on 01 April 1968 as per the list promulgated on 21 June 1989)

  1. Following transfer of his services to Haryana,  Dr  Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan joined as Principal, Government College Narnaul on 01 Dec 1968  on the eve of which he was drawing a salary of Rs  940/-plus allowances. It is pertinent to mention here that if his salary was to be refixed then it should have been fixed at Rs 980/- plus allowances wef 01 Dec 1968 .( At the time of  joining Haryana his salary was Rs 940/- Plus allowances) Enclosure no 6 – pay Slip)
  2. A word Officiating was deliberately introduced instead of Substantive on his subsequent pay slips 1970 onwards by the department at the time when he was on the last phase of his service career ie he retired  during 1972. This is pertinent to mention here that he was awarded confirmed designation of Lecturer vide Director Punjab order no 1424-2 dated 15 Jan 1951 and thereafter he was confirmed as Senior Lecturer vide Punjab Education department memo no 10478-EDI-60/60414 dated 08 March 1961

5 Dr  Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan had served as Principal of a large Government College of Punjab University  in Haryana at the time of retirement and he is therefore entitled a pension based on 700-1100 grade wef 01 nov 1966 and thereafter based on Rs 980/- pay scale wef 1968 and thereafter due increments wef March 1972 ie his date of retirement.

In spite of several directives by the esteemed offices of the State government the Higher Education department under Haryana government failed to issue him a  revised PPO ie a pension based on his pay grade of 700-1100 wef 01 Nov 1966.


In view of  above,  government of haryana has been paying Mrs L D Mohan wife of Dr M V D Mohan, a meager pension of Rs 7500/-  vide PPO no HR3282 ie a pension amount which is less then even the pensions of class IV employees of haryana government is withdrawing.

Details of various important directives issued by top officials of Haryana government advising the education department to issue revised PPO/Fix 700-1100 grade are attached here with


Kindly note that the state government utilised my fathers services for close to three decades and betrayed him during the last phase of his service career. My father who had lost his parents and all movable and immovable properties in making of Pakistan was betrayed by the congress leadership.

It is pertinent to mention here that my family had not only  contributions in freedom struggle of india but our close family members had participated in all the wars fought by India on her borders since 1947.

This act of successive congress governments is highly  shameful.




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