Antiquity of Datta Clan

Antiquity of  Datta Clan 



About 3500 years ago the entire middle east from Turkey to saudi Arabia in the south and Egypt in the west, was under the rule of princes of indian origin in the later half of the 16th century BC and the first half of the 15th century BC. They belonged to Hittite, Mittani,  Kassities and other tribes.  They were ruling either independently  or as subordinate rulers. N D Mironov, Roger, Calaghan, Albbright and other scholars have published more then a hundred names of such princes found on tablets discovered from sites in turkey. (e.g Bogozkoi) Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, and other middle eastern estates.  Dutta was the surname of these princes.

 Manepa Dutta and Ura Dutta ruled over the country around setha river in Anatolia in the Turkey (see Steffani Ruggars 1964 KUBXXIC 33 (B0487) Mursilis journal of American Oriental Society Vol 84.PP 22 to 30. Another Indo Aryan Prince Bir Diya defended the egyptian territorries against the onslaught of Indian dialects. Also yasha datta Biridhi Birshena and many other Indo Aryan Princes are mentioned in Tal-El-Amarna tablets as fighting against the enemies of Egypt. The letters are in ancient Egyptian script, have already been translated in several languages. Shuvar datta controlled entire territorry of Helron.Another Indo Aryan prince Inder Datta supplied 50 chariots to Shuvar datta in his battle against Apirus

 James B Prichard an American scholar translated the cunieform letters of these princes. These Indo , Soma in Daryans worshipped Vedic Gods

 Such a Indra, Mitra, Varubna, Nasatya. These four Gods invoked as witnesses to the Bogaz treaty that two tribes Hittitis and Mittanis with two other tribes signed at the conclusion of a war.  They also worshipped Vayu, Swar, Soma, The Dewas, Rita, Yama, Vasus, Surya and Marut ie All Vedic Gods. See Dument PE –  (u.d) Nelson, The Indo Aryan Names from Mitani,  nazi and Syruian Documents) 

In one of the letters to Egyptian king the Aryan ruler Named Dusharatta states “With the grace of God “Raama” I captured and killed my rebel brother “Artashuma”

 This reference to Rama God and popularity of of epic names such as Dusharatta Shatrushan Washishtha etc among this generation of West Asian princes of 16th century BC, shows that Ramayan episode was already an event of this remote antiquity. Rama was therefore worshiped even in this far flung desert lands of the middle east.

Dr M.V.D. Mohan 


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