Connecting with God


Spiritual & Religious people at times suffocate others with their psychic belief system. Healthiest & Wise path of life, is to let others live with their own individual beliefs. God has provided a power of intellect, to every human being. We may use this power to derive pleasure from Spiritual/Materialistic world & get eternal bliss.God is absolute. Eternal God may manifest in all human beings. God is a carrier of prime consciousness, which creates a concept of being human.

Purpose of life is to discover ways to improve our conscious. God has already decided our destinies. We have to work for achieving our Destination/ Right Path. Materialistic World creates Passions, which may lead to lust. When lust is unsatisfied, It turns into wrath which is transformed into illusion. Awareness of functioning of minds, may motivate us to work hard for fulfilment of our needs & ambitions. Truthfulness of mind always pays us. We learn moral values from our upbringing. We must learn to listen others for our growth. We must put our faith in God & care our values & actions.

Easiest & fastest way to connect with God, is through our inner conscious, feelings, thoughts, true love, desires devotion faith & patience. If we have lived our life as caring/compassionate person then we have nothing to fear from God. If we are deceitful or self centred then God cautions us. God is not a visual entity. God is a matter of Realization. A form of feel, We feel Him. when we are in helpless position & are forced to surrender. God is Truth. God is Universal Conscious. God is in beauty of Nature.

We, the human beings are empowered with Knowledge, which emanates from HIM. He works in strange ways. If we have feelings of compassion/mercy then we can discover Him. GodĀ  is a phenomena or a set of feelings. The Nature is perfect God. Nature has given us sufficient skills to lead our lives peacefully. This is duty of nature to address grievances of the needy. We all are parts of God & Suffering is a part of our life.
If we go to a peaceful isolated place & ask our genuine questions/doubts from God loudly. We get replies in our mind in the form of thoughts. Understand Spiritual awakening make people knowledgeable about self. They can differentiate between good/bad .Light in them, eliminates darkness. Understand we see dynamic source of energy in cosmos in theĀ form of vibrations, during the continuous process of remembering OM the supreme power. Understand Space possess Dark Matter, which manifest itself into any form & may pass through our body & OM word creates vibrations in the matter.

Om is part of omniscience, the seed of omniscience. Om means vibration of the Universe. Vibratory effect of the word. Om therefore brings knowledge/wisdom.

Alok Mohan

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