Conscious Mind




Consciousness is a state of realization. Mind continues to function even when awareness wanders like free bird even when we  are sleeping or off about our  senses. God’s invisible power & divine nature may be clearly seen. The consciousness, which flows through us is fundamental building block of this universe. The Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.God, is Supreme energy of universe and is conceived by mind of individuals i.a.w their understanding. Divine power always listen prayers of humbleness at the time of natural calamity, but Divine intervention can’t prevent any man made calamity.
Salvation happens, thro belief or intelligence/insight. One has to surrender self to the divine to absorb in universal consciousness ie detach self.
Faith is blind. Belief is individual’s perception We can develop spiritual powers to make our faith stronger. Trust in our belief system, is earned thro our individual experience ie through the truth is inside us. We really do not have to go any were to discover God . Those, who get Teacher, but no inclination to find Truth, may not get benefit. According to ancient Hinduism, we all are under the process of transformation. In ancient india, hinduism was developed on its own due its teachings based on Universal truths & did not require missionaries to convert people. As per Hinduism, any act which lead to destruction may be termed as a sin & this sin gets transformed to appropriate karma for the next birth. Major strength of Hinduism is to respect all faiths & inculcate sanskars to younger generations ie to adhere to human values & live life peacefully.
As per Hinduism, purpose of life is not only learn laws of spiritual progress only, but to build collective conscious for the smooth flow of energy. Hinduism is a diverse system of beliefs & means of devotion to single God thro different paths. The paths may be chosen as per aspirations of different individuals. Earth is collective consciousness. Our Consciousness is introspection for what we are doing to our self Awareness is getting aware of the environment.
During our Prayers hidden psychic power in us communicates with universal power & we may get some alien thoughts coming from un known sources. During hearty prayers, we get spiritual gifts such as prophesy & wisdom. Our Faith gives us “miraculous powers” to recover from depressions. Every living thing has consciousness & has a connection to superior consciousness of the universe Prayer without any sinful mind is always heard by Him~mohanalok

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