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Creative thinking is more important now a days than ever before due rapid pace of  development in technology. We  need creativity to be  successful in all spheres of our lives.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire You desire what you imagine and at last you create what you desire.

Imagination Imitates. Creative minds are rarely tidy and negative thinking is enemy of creativity

There are four ways to increase the level of creativity


1)    Create an environment conducive to more creative thinking

2)    Surround your self with more creative people

3)    Find ways to build up the creative ideas

4)    Brain Storming  – brainstorming can help us not only come up new ideas, but can also help us decide which is best idea.


Brainstorming can be an effective way to generate lots of ideas on a specific issue and then determine which idea – or ideas – is the best solution. Brainstorming is most effective with groups of 8-12 people and may be performed in a relaxed environment. If participants feel free to relax and joke around, they’ll stretch their minds further and therefore produce more creative ideas.

Where do these creative  ideas come  from? We must find Inspiration for creative ideas in books, magazines, newspapers, on the internet, journals, and any where else we can think of and find inspiration for getting the creative ideas.

You may get creative ideas by any of the following methods

  • When Getting  Relaxed – Keep a  paper & Pencil next to you &  write down your thoughts when getting relaxed.
  • Giving Gratitude – Thinking about all things you are grateful for produces a positive energy flow and vibration. ( we feel the love in our hearts for all the wonderful blessings and gifts in our lives, We will instantly relax and feel all warm-and-fuzzy inside. In that moment of warmth and love, we are open to creative energy)
  • Imagination – Imagination is highly visual. Try closing eyes, and imagine
  • Be In the Moment – Live the ongoing moment of life.
  • Be Inspired – Practice seeing beautiful things that moves you emotionally.
  • Draw –. “Drawing” forces us to see things differently.
  • See Alternatives – Be curious to find alternatives to do something differently..
  • Be Open – Never shut down any idea that comes your way, do not make judgments about it. Appreciate any idea that comes to you, even ones that seem “stupid” or “obvious”. This way, you encourage more creative ideas.

Alok Mohan


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