Dreams are like Stars & if we follow them then they may lead us to our Destiny. All our deeds decide what we are going to accomplish in the future. A successful life is a future result of the present and the past activities of a person. Destiny perhaps is something different and very superstitious. Destiny is the resultant of our Efforts & our Stars ie Our Luck. Destiny is the result of our efforts, our luck, our behaviour & our approach to different stressful situations of our lives.. If We fail, it is our fault as we had not planned and acted enough to drive the particular situation successfully to meaningful end. Intelligent thoughts and reasonable ideas conclude all situations to successful ends. Failure always disappoints us & hurts our “self esteem”. In order to protect against such hurt to self esteem, we resort to apportioning blame on others instead of analyzing where we went wrong. In the game of apportioning blame, Destiny is the easiest and the most handy target to have a go at, without being contradicted first hand

Success and failure are part of our day-to- day life. We cant always be happy in life. But we can always have peace of mind ie during the moments of extreme joy as well as during the most saddest moments of our life. God gave us two precious things ie Mind & Heart. We must keep our heart with full of love and kindness & use our mind to understand good and bad. Working condition of mind, means accepting good things and ignoring the bad ones. If we make them work in a wrong way then the gift given by God is wasted. We must realise that God has given us an ability to completely control on our mind. With the help of mind we can control our destiny. We are happy because we wanted to be happy. We are sad because we did not want to be happy. We are successful because we longed for it. We are a failure because we never tried to be successful. We therefore can choose our ultimate destiny. God has given us some control on our destiny. Mind is always asking for some fun. How do we have fun? By using the five sensory organs- eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin. For example, a child had its first taste of ice cream. It liked it. Mind will remember how it tasted. Next day it will prompt the child to ask for ice cream again. Another example – a man walks into a bar and tastes alcohol. Mind will remember and next day make him taste alcohol again. So on and so forth. If we become slaves of mind and its means of having fun which is destructive, we can lose control over our Destiny. God has given us is a way to control our mind. A way of disciplining our mind. Instead of listening to our mind, make our mind listen to what we tell it to do. With the help of discipline, one can control one’s destiny. Which is possible by controlling our own mind and the thoughts it produces. So God has given us a mind and complete ability to control it.

Our ultimate destiny is our Death, after discharge of our duties of life. Death which is a change of our existence & an invitation to an eternal life, a beginning, the introduction to an immortal life.
Just as life comes into the world through an act of creation and a determining, so too departure from the world is through a creation and determining, through a wise and purposeful direction.
Death of a seed is a start of new life.
Alok Mohan


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