Distinct ways of Thinking Process of Human Mind


We all are aware that, every human has the potential to elevate his thinking to a very high level.  We can put away anger, fear and conflict, and  build a world around us with full of Love, trust and co-operation.

We know that every human mind has two distinct ways of thinking processes. Human intelligence develops within these two distinct and powerful ways of thinking process.

Sometimes these different thinking processes create conflict and mental anguish. However if these thinking processes work together in  harmony, then the qualities of effective intelligence & reasoning ability develop. Power of expression due these distinct thinking processes produce brilliance and genius. Our thinking process is related to Space & Time. Thinking process related to Space moves around  three dimensional space while the thinking processes related to time can analyze much more, because this is the only process which makes us to live in present on going moments of life. This process alerts us to act in time to control different events. We know Past is different than the Present, which is different than the future. The moments of our lives are a one way street. By noticing the changes that occur over time, the mind has the ability to analyze  things perfectly. We can anticipate events with this thinking process and  develop ability to predict and control events.

Note: When we have positive thoughts which are synchronised with on going moments of life then tremendous positive energy is developed, while Negative thoughts produce Negative Energy. Positive thoughts with Positive Physical Actions during on going Moments of life  produce Synergy.

Alok Mohan


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