Divine Laws & Spiritualism




Divine Laws for all forms of life are independent from known dimensions of Time & Space. Man made laws are for selfish interest of a few. Divine powers unite this Universe. God is associated with Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassion, Justice, Truth, Dharma & Goodness. compassion is a feeling ie expression of love to fellow human beings. When a person becomes slave to jealousy & anger, then he lacks ability to properly communicate. He becomes dangerous to society & spirituality. Close minded people hate others as these arrogant and petty people think that they are better human being than others. We must close our ears, when some one says dirty about fellow human beings, prefer closing our mouth then speaking Dirty, Retain nothing for thoughtlessness state of our mind. Choose between attachment or detachment, whichever gives pleasure. We must know that death is a blessing on Journey to God, When we start loosing our consciousness ie A Seizure, which is followed by bright light appears. Saints, therefore, never fear death. Spiritualism may be a personal experience of every one but philosophy is the only Step towards the the path of spiritual Realization. So we must follow the rational path ie philosophy to attain spiritualism. Spiritual life means reaching out to our inner most self. keeping stillness in mind is the only beautiful dream of a philosopher~mohanalok


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