Faith & belief

raisedhandsFaith is an act of belief. The belief depends independently on the perception of individuals. These are perceptions only which make people to clash with individuals of other belief systems. If we focus on living/non living object of nature & try to feel them  as God & have faith in them, Then the God shall definitely appear in the shape of our belief ie Akaar or Nirakaar.

Religion is a guiding force to build belief so as to give us good guidance & was formed for the welfare of people. Religion is based upon idea to face realities of life including death. Faith does not require evidence. Faith depends on knowledge based to believe particular religion. Religion is observance of Ceremonies/Rites etc. Creation of Humans on earth by God, may not be merely for reproduction. God may have created us to develop collective consciousness for a very beautiful world order. Nature Mountains Ocean, Rivers, Sun Rise, Sun Set etc etc are various God Gifts to Man Kind. God is not an invention of any enlightened human being, but is a truth of our existence. God has given us powers to view, hear, feel, think etc Why is He beyond reach of human mind & intelligence Why we lack sense of Realization. We find each organ of nature in compatibility with other organs for maintaining Ecological Balance. Can Such perfect system function without Head.
God has given us powers & Abilities to separate evil from good. Once we accomplish our Goals with these abilities, Power of God in us increases. If we are humble in our Prayers & are having Faith in Him, Our desires shall be taken care of by God. Lack of faith in God leave us no where.
Powers of love learning forgiveness compassion come from Divine Forces that exist within ourselves. Our ability to recognize these forces create Saint within us. Realization about these energies of creation, preservation & dissolution make us better human & we choose best path of life. The ways and means adopted by us to achieve mergence with our creator may have variations of paths, but all these paths lead to salvation~mohanalok

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