Good Manners & Etiquettes By Alok Mohan

Good Manners & Etiquettes are the positive traits which ensure a child’s social success. No child is born with good mannerism. Parents have the responsibility to teach  Good Manners & Etiquettes to their children. Every individual on this earth need respect.  Parents must give respect to Children so that the children learn to respect others. Parents must not indulge in speaking bad language or street talk, or  use of dirty words. Mannerism is a way of behaving in a socially correct way which is acceptable to Community.

Good manners are the first mark of good breeding and reflect directly on a person’s upbringing. Good Mannerism cares the prevailing customs, social conduct, and norms of a specific society. Mannerism means — being polite — considering sentiments of  people around us. Mannerism is a way to get along in society while moral is doing what you know and feel right. We must teach our children to listen and obey elders. When they are at School, they must behave like a good student ie as a  sincere, studious, and regular student. When at  outdoor,  the child is taught how to approach  others  and how to get involved  in team work. Children should be taught to not to  stick their hands in mouth, ears etc.

Some common examples of Bad mannerism are  cited below:

1. Habit of interrupting others while talking without waiting for the other person to finish.

2. Habit of leading a conversation, into arguments, instead of mutual respect and “agreeing to disagree” kind of approach.

 3. Habit of putting down others  and commenting on their dress, hair, moods and just about everything personal, without any regard or respect for their individuality and choices.

4. Acute lack of social etiquettes in public places: some of them readily observable are:  talking in high decibels without concern for other people’s disturbances

Alok Mohan 

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