Happiness – a State of Mind or a state of Choice by Alok Mohan

Happiness – a State of Mind or a state of Choice


In our journey of life we may get success & Failures. If we regularly get success only,  we  shall  not have any pleasure of getting success.  Success and failures are must for a meaningful life. Life is a pack of different events like happiness, sorrow, challenges, revenge, fight, enjoyment, Luck etc. etc. We must take life as it comes considering it as a  beautiful journey in which we come across many people and many events. Our role in life is that of an event manager. For example at times attachment with an event gives us happiness while other times detachment from a event may give  us happiness. Definition of Life changes from person to person, from time to time as  Our priorities are different in different stages of life. For example very small achievement of life may give us happiness when we are young.  For some people life is money and money gives them happiness & for some  achievement of inner happiness & contentment is the priority. However we must learn something from each event as these past events may turn out to be rich experience in our life.

When we laugh the world laughs with us. But  when we cry we cry alone. So this is our duty to be happy & we must know ‘sorrow is the absence of happiness just  like cold, which  is nothing but the absence of heat. Happiness is a feeling which makes us  feel cheerful.  Happiness is a choice, a state of mind & not a state of being.  We may find happiness in small events of life. Money cannot buy us happiness.  We can enjoy happiness & feel  good about it , if we didn’t have some sadness so that we may compare and contrast it. There can not be  any “happiness” without some sadness!

People who can feel ‘happiness even if they are in  Hell, to them this world is  really a happy world. There may be some unfortunate events that happen to some people in life. Such events may  cause irreparable sorrow for the rest of their  life. These events may completely change  life of a person. But in spite of these events people who maintain their cheer then we consider such type of  happiness by Choice.  If a person maintains cheer in spite of stressful situations then he is genius. Such people are considered above happiness & Sorrow.

However  for some people dealing with illness (mental or physical) can never be pleasant. However if a person chooses to maintain cheer  then the  happiness again may be a choice for him God has a plan for each and every one of us. God expects us to deal with the situation perfectly.  God wants us to learn some sort of acceptance or contentment in whatever situation or circumstance that occurs in our lives.  Daily life can be made happier. It is a matter of choice. It is our attitude that makes us feel happy or unhappy. It is true, we meet all kinds of situations during the day, and some of them may not be conductive to happiness. We may also  choose to keep thinking about the unhappy events, and we can choose to refuse to think about them, and instead, relish the happy moments. All of us constantly go through various situations and circumstances, but we do not have to let these situations influence our reactions and feelings. If we let outer events influence our moods, we become their slaves. We lose our freedom. We let our happiness be determined by outer forces. On the other hand, we can free ourselves from outer influences. We can choose to be happy, and we can do a lot to add happiness to our lives.

Happiness  is a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. It is usually experienced when there are no worries, fears or obsessing thoughts, and this usually happens, when we do something we love to do or when we get, win, gain or achieve something that we value. It seems to be the outcome of positive events, but it actually comes from the inside, triggered by outer events. One of the best ways to keep cheer, is by gaining inner peace through meditation. As the mind becomes more peaceful, it becomes easier to choose happiness.


Some ways to find happiness in life:

1. Stop comparing yourself with others

2. Always be grateful to God for Happy Events of life.

3. Find your inner voice

4. Reconnect with your childhood dreams

5. Help someone

6. Spend more time with your loved ones

8. Appreciate beauty of nature

9. Pray or meditate

10. Smile & maintain cheer

13. Listen more than you speak

14. Stop judging others

15. Forgive yourself

16. Forgive others

17. Accept yourself as you are …..


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