Hindu Saints


We all have seen many great men, who lived their lives serving others. They may be  called Godmen or saints or sadhus. I am my self confused whether to call them God men or not. Reason is I myself am not sure whether God is perfect or not. God also appears to be committing several mistakes.We see people involved in heinous crimes in India and walking out freely. Yet our media and people are more bothered about defaming some or other hindu saints by quoting some or other isolated case. So this all depends on us ie we the hindus, how we perceive our Saints our God & finally the Godmen. As there is a God, then all those who believe themselves to be representatives of that God are correct in their belief that they are Godmen. And if there is no God then there can not be Godmen. All those people, who curse Godmen, therefore are obviously wrong. Yes. We had many Saints/Godmen like Jesus Christ, Prophet  Mohammad, Sai Baba, Mahatam Budh in this world and similarly we shall continue to have many more saints in India. To judge their credibility, we do not have to become our selves God men thereby advising others to believe some thing or not to believe some thing. We all know some people are God gifted & their senses are heightened, while others are lessened. It’s kind of like blind people, who cannot see beyond some level. Spirituality is just like the senses of smell, touch, taste, and hearing etc. I believe all saints were once “normal humans” before they “became” divine. In fact all normal humans are divine. If we look inside us then we shall realize this truth. Swami Vivekanand, Guru Gobind Singh jee, several sikh gurus, Sri Ramana maharishi, adi sankara , ramanuja , buddha ramakrishna paramahansa , kanch maha periyava etc are fine examples to describe about Hindu Godmen or saints. These pure hearted saints with Godlike qualities, we can see only in India. As we all are aware that passive acceptance of our teacher’s wisdom is easy to most of the students. Students do not have to put extra effort to learn if guided by their teachers. Similarly, students on the path of spirituality do not have to put extra efforts if they are guided by Saints ie Godmen. As a teacher knows more than his pupils the saint knows more then us ie the common people. My belief is that each of us has some “divine” part within us, These saints like us also have divine part. But they can connect with the divine power in a better way then us . To me, spiritual evolution is a tool of unity that encompasses all of us ie entire humanity as well as our Creator together. We can all learn from each other..and to do so brings higher enlightenment. If some of us believe that God men can do miracles then it is wrong perception. Real saints never ever claim that they are God men & can do miracles . In fact real saints/Godmen like Mahatma Budha renounced everything and lived a nomad life imparting spiritual and worldly knowledge to people so as to raise up them from sufferings of life . They took spirituality instead of living luxurious life~mohanalok

Most of the religions on earth came into existence, because of  some belief  system created by messengers of God ie God men. All religions are therefore, consequence of some or other belief while hinduism comprise a big set of belief systems where in every one may adopt any way of believing God. Hinduism has given freedom to its followers to worship Him in any manner ie akaar parmatma aur nirakaar parmatma whether by self appraisal system or by reading books By going to temple or in an open space Even atheists are also absorbed in the broad definition of hinduism. therefore Hinduism is above any criticism. I am of the considered opinion that Beimani ie corruption must be linked with political bosses & not the saints who have left the desires of materialistic world. In all the scams happening in India ie coal scam, bofors scam, fodder scam land scam Adarsh gotala etc etc no saint has any role.we all are aware Out of 100 saints 99 hindu saints, can not even afford one time meals – I therefore feel that we must not defame our saints ie the flag bearers of Hinduism~mohan alok

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