How to connect with God



Easiest & fastest way to connect with God is through our inner conscious &, feelings, thoughts, true love, desires devotion faith & patience. If we have lived our life as caring/compassionate person, then we have nothing to fear from God.

If we are deceitful or self centered then God caution us. God is not a visual entity God is a matter of Realization. A form of feel, We feel Him. when we are in helpless position & are forced to surrender. God is Truth. God is Universal Conscious. God is in beauty of Nature. Human beings are empowered with Knowledge which emanates from HIM. He works in strange ways. If we have feelings of compassion/mercy then we can discover Him through this phenomena or the set of feelings. The Nature is perfect God.

Nature has given us sufficient skills to lead our lives peacefully. This is a duty of nature to address grievances of the needy. We all are parts of God & Suffering is a part of our life. If we go to a peaceful isolated place & ask our genuine questions/doubts from God loudly. We get replies in our mind in the form of thoughts. Understand Spiritual awakening, makes people knowledgeable about themselves We can differentiate between good and bad.  Light within self eliminates darkness. Understand, we see dynamic source of energy in cosmos, in the form of vibrations, during the continuous process of chanting OM ie  the supreme power. Understand Space possess a Dark Matter, which manifest itself into any form & may pass through our body.  OM word therefore may create vibrations in this kind of matter within theuniverse ie a way to connect with the God. Om is part of omniscience, the seed of omniscience. Om means vibration of this very  Universe Vibratory effect of the word. Om brings knowledge &wisdom.

God speaks to different people in different ways sometimes He gives feelers. He may respond using means like Numbers Pictures Words etc etc. Man made disasters are followed by Natural disasters which may lead to end of earth. Our actions may lead to deadly consequences for the earth. Earth provides us enough to satisfy our needs, but not our greeds. Earth is a thinking Planet & try to balance our deeds thro’ natural disasters. God always caution us before any Natural Disasters. He helps us stay calm. Some humans are empowered to know ahead of time & see if there’s any dangerous area. GOD is a matter of Realization. God is a feeling, which evolves through Spirituality. God lives in our hearts. We feel his kindness without seeing Him. If you want to see God – Love all – Serve all- Help all & Never Hurt any one. Do good See good & Be good This is the way to get blessings & Love of God. Those Who experienced God, have themselve’s unsuccessfully tried many ways to describe their experiences. But to understand God, people must have a nice heart.
God is like a form of  light that dwells within Him. If we focus on it, He gets illuminated. To see an object, Eye has to focus, while light is everywhere -Idol Worship is an example of this kind of worship.
If we have to discover self then we must accept what we are. Carry out analysis of our traits Accept our selves. God exist in our subconscious mind also.  He is connected with our prayers. That is why our prayers are for our self satisfaction & mental peace.

God answers the people who pray him sincerely during their lowest & darkest times. He has given us Life & wants us to face challenges of this Life. Happiness moves bet’n Attachment & Detachment from this materialistic world.  Detachment, some times, takes away our all pains & worries. Some times Attachment gives us pleasures. We may choose Attachment or detachment to get pleasures of life. Happiness is therefore a state of choice & not a state of mind. World is an Ocean where Bigger Fish eats Smaller. God believes in Survival of the Fittest.

Grief Sorrow Pain etc are for refinement of our souls. God resides in those caring truthful & conscious souls,  who spread selfless message of Love. Killings Hurting others & Lies represent a Devil.

Motivation driven by Interest, Money & Grades etc are meant for winning/beating & therefore focus people on Reward only & not Real Action.  What matters to every one is the   Behavior & Attitude.. Attitude is an expression of mind If we think Others are inferior to us, then we may put others down. Treat others the way we wish to be treated. Negative thinking may also have a positive effect & may increase our awareness. If our Actions are not negative, then we  develop positive attitude.

Understand Soul is a State of consciousness & provide us awareness & sensation & may create positive thoughts & positive emotions. Our behavioral traits depend on our thoughts. Understand soul is the intellect ie the Conscious. Our Mind provides us Emotions & Desires. Soul educates our mind & influence our emotions. If  we try to feel God,s presence in self instead of searching Him outside, we find our souls are getting purified & we feel extreme pleasure & Joy. Understand Love Affection Compassion Caring etc are virtues of God ie Divine power & are Gifted to Humans to follow the path of true realization.Love Affection & inspirations come from God in the form of opposite Sex ie Caring & Loving each other, is essential for the survival of humanity. God may demonstrate his existence to reassure us His presence. As He cares for all of us. Miracle is something which is not humanly possible. God don’t need miracles to demonstrate His Power. His entire creation itself is a great  miracle Those who pretend miraculous acts are driven by self interests. Understand God has given  us 20 % of Rational part of Brain to know Him.God connects with us thro’ heart & not thro’ this evolutionary part of brain. He leave it on us to perceive Him according to the rational part of our brain. As this part deteriorates Subconscious part of our Brain takes over & connect us with Him directly. Understand Path leading to God is very narrow. Strengths Weaknesses Abilities Needs Desires Emotions etc are essential parts of Human Life~mohanalok

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