I see God, I hear God and I feel God

Do u see God, hear God and feel God ?


We all must say
“I see God, I hear God and I feel God”

This life is a test for all the humans to recognise and obey Him. Every moment is a test.

People may be tested for their  wealth, their poverty, their health problems, death of  nears and dears, loss of their  properties and so many more things. You may not find an individual, who may not be  undergoing this test of  life. Be it George Bush or Bill Gates or a poor man.

God has given us a free will to act. We can go right or wrong. We can do good or bad.

But We should  have “Faith in the Unseen”. Meditation is that part of God which helps a man to control his actions and lead his life with perseverance and patience. This makes it more convenient for those, who want to exploit God for them ie A God, who is  neither seen nor heard. Life is more like a purification process, exactly like Gold which undergoes purification  process.

 We need to undergo the challenges of this world, so that God will be able to find us out, ie the person dear to him, who is worthy of His final grace ie heaven / paradise. Everyone would believe in him if he was here on earth and sends every one to  heaven. God’s presence is everywhere. God wants us to believe in Him. He gave us free will and the option to believe him  or not to believe him. Therefore we have to accept Him despite the hardships of  our lives. If He punishes us instantly. He would n’t be a very loving God. If He did punish us for sin instantly, we would n’t be able to repent and would all go to Hell for not repenting and accepting Him. I think He keeps Himself hidden because He wants us to come to Him on our own free will. If God punishes people for sin right there and then and there it would be no better than creating people without a choice. He gives us time to purify and to undertake remedial measures ie the free will.

God remaining invisible gives us the choice to choose Him or not to choose Him. God also puts off punishment to allow for repentance. The wage of sin is eternal death… So if God punished all sins on the spot there would be no humanity to love anymore. That is why God allowed sacrifice for the remission of sins. God is Loving, but He is also Just. Those, who do not choose Him, will eventually pay the ultimate price. If you think about it long enough, it will make more sense. He hides himself to test men to see if they will obey.  He can neither deceive nor be deceived. He does not punish people on the spot because He is all merciful, yet punishes them later because He is all just. He also may have His own reasons, because he is all knowing.

God works in mysterious ways.. Why do we think, he needs to be seen? Is n’t it enough, he has created the whole universe including us ? Do we not think, someone living a happy wealthy life, may not be rewarded for their some good deeds, possibly from a prior life or due to some Goodness or his hard work ? . 

It must be the choice of each individual to choose between good or evil. God is not hiding, rather it’s more accurate to say our inability to fully capture him like a camera trying to capture the resolution of real life. We don’t see God as He is a partial manifestation of something big.

Earth could be a beautiful place to live as intended, but human abuse their powers and their free will to do evil. God wants us to choose to do good and not a sin and learn from our mistakes. In the divinity of creation inherent unity is there. Even in evil-minded people there is a search for God. Wrongdoer is the correct word for a sinner. Sins are committed out of ignorance/delusion. In evil and in good, God is coaxing us back to Him by our search for happiness. Had the sinners  punished then and there, then there wont be a chance for them to repent!! They wont learn that making a mistake is fine unless you learn from it…

You have to understand that all sins are not equivalent.
Do we see the light ? We don’t. But we can see the materials on which light reflects. Light exists, but is not seen. Light is in everywhere, in every place. We need light just to see everything. We don’t need the light as a material. Just imagine, light is a material like water or dust or any non living thing and it is spreading / lying over every materials.
God is in everywhere, every place. We can just feel him, with our mind, our soul. We can’t see Him by our eyes. If we can’t see by eyes that does n’t mean God does n’t exist.

All the activities are going on here in this world, is a life cycle. A tiger kills a deer. So, we may think tiger is a killer, he is a sin maker. But is it real ? If tiger does not kill deer, he may die. Therefore this life is a game of survival for both ie the tiger and the deer. Someone do the good thing, someone bad. In this way our life cycle will run properly. Just think, if we all are  good, no one in the world is bad. Then these two words ‘good’ and ‘bad’ will have no meaning.

Also the good people will not be good, because the word ‘good’ does n’t exist. If bad doesn’t exist then what is the necessity of good. That is the cycle. And to run this cycle one has to be up while other has to be down. . 

 God does not punish sinners. he does not throw every sinners to hell. He throws to hell only those, who refuse to accept God is real and who refuse to regret of their sins, even in their last minutes of life.

God does not hide himself/herself. He is watching everybody irrespective of the fact that whether a person is doing good thing or bad thing. Suppose if, a person is committing a sin (of any kind) then it is also the fate of the sufferer that he/she is getting paid for his/her sins in the past.
If God starts punishing every individual then there would be a dooms day in a few moments and all shall be  destroyed. Because there is no person, who can say that I haven’t done any crime/sin since his/her birth. Sinners are classified in various categories just like there are prisoners, some are getting one month, two month jail and in the very same prison a hard-core criminal is getting life term sentence.

So, God punishes everybody one day or the other, but according to the volume of the Sin one has committed. We need to recognize the God. Please tell me one thing, if you can “see” God, would you still commit wrong? If you know who or what He is, and what He can do, I don’t think you will ever think freely from now on. Another way to put it is, do you think anyone, who will dare to play “punk” knowing the severity of the consequences upon their deaths? Nearly all of humanity will be scared, shaken within, if they knew of the Higher Universe. Most men, especially the evil ones, the less developed ones, will constrict within out of fear. Free Will no longer have any meaning, because it is not out of a stance of personal choice, a decision derived from their will that caused them to “stop” doing evil. In other words, it is entirely lacking the foundation of the person’s sincerity that gives there mere actions of good deeds substance. This what separates Falsity from Truth. It follows from here that Free Will is given to us, in order to choose, what is right, against what that our desires compel us. God reincarnates every minute in several forms, but some forms who utmost faces and wins the extremes bad/sin will be known to world. God always tries to reduce the sins from all aspects. We always feel nice after releasing from pain. Therefore the pain gives us pleasure. If there is no tension then how do we pray God………

God is nothing or everything and it depends upon our thinking. The existence of the God can only be realized by us and nobody can show us. Man exists though he was invisible in the beginning , and is visible in the middle and again becomes invisible .God is not hiding from anybody. He is invisible for those whose mind is blind. There is an ULTIMATE POWER that rules us. Sometimes, some people may feel it.

Can you see any Business Organization, functioning without Head. If not, then how do you expect this Big Universe functioning in order, without a Head. Those who think that this is all rubbish, then let me tell you that there will be a time, when you will be forced to believe in him and say “ YES GOD DO EXIST”

We the human beings have been assigned a task by God and there is a purpose for our life which we have to accomplish with a peaceful path of happiness with our limited understanding.
To accomplish our Goals, the God has given us powers and Abilities. We have been given the Ability to organise, Ability to separate evil from good, Ability to control
Once we accomplish our Goals with these abilities, Power of God in us increases. The Power of God is always the omnipotent and existed among everything. & The God now is always the same omnipotent for us, who has organised us and we are growing towards perfection.
Perfection is the final stage, not the end. & The Power of God, the Ability is the reward for us to control everything in a proper manner, like the true God of goodness. & Everlasting Happiness is the final stage. You can use any thing for Good or Bad so, whenever possible If you ask the god for the good reason to give you the ability & perfection, because of your obedience, then the God will give you.

If you are humble in your Prayers having Faith in Him, Your desires shall be taken care off by God.

Trouble and pain are parts of our Life. Without pain, there is no pleasure and without pleasure, there is no pain. So without them, we cannot enjoy this life so always we need them in our development towards the perfection.
Use pain and pleasure for  ultimate development.
Success shall be greater than the fear of failure.
Success does not mean absence of failures. Success is wining the ultimate War and not each & every battle.

We all make mistakes so it is hard to look for star in daylight. So just have faith and you will succeed.

Lack of faith in God, leave us no where.

Most importantly, try to be grateful to God, for what you have now and have a faith to become the best winner in your life.

The Law of mercy cannot rob the Law of justice.
Justice demands the punishment of our sins.
Law of mercy requires forgiveness to give to us and God is perfect in perfection so cannot violate these laws.
God has provided us different ways to our salvation to overcome our sins.

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