Inculcating Sanskar by Alok Mohan

Sanskar means carrying  family values and other attributes learnt during childhood. Sanskar helps achieving spiritual nourishment and peace of mind While we  grow. Sanskar give a spiritual touch to us. Meaning of Sanskar’ is to purify, to refine, to supplement, to brighten and to adorn the inner conscience. However its meaning in wider sense is as deep as the depth of the ocean and as vast as the spread of the sky.

‘Sanskar’ is a process, which transforms a person into an ideal & outstanding personality by eradicating/ diminishing the negative mental tendencies existing in him and by inculcating human values & qualities to make him more dynamic, discreet, duty conscious and responsible towards himself as well as the society.

 ‘Sanskar’ is like plantation of a seed of human values into the subconscious of a person during his childhood so that adherence of these values becomes part of his nature and keeps on guiding him throughout his life. A person acts according to the ideals which exist in his subconscious without being aware of them. Thus his decisions, his reactions to actions of others and the quality of his actions depend upon the values existing in his subconscious. Conduct and behaviour of a person are always according to his inner values, which remain his guiding force. Sanskar’ purifies feelings, thoughts and actions/deeds and adds momentum of life. Sanskar purifies inner conscious of the person and makes life meaningful.

‘Sanskar’ adds good conduct, good thoughts and human qualities to a man’s personality and sublimates his mind. . A man sans human values is like an animal. . Sanskar forms a culture and develops social values. The Culture, Conduct, Behaviour and Sanskar are integrated to each other


A Hindu Mother is the heart of the home. Giving love and understanding and having patience and good listening skills will all help to build Sanskar in her children. Setting by good example earns respect and these attributes & traits follow down the family tree. We must always make time for our kids and have a good sense of humour and  try to be calm always.

Rewarding good behaviour of child really does help. Treasure of Sanskar during the early years of life help children to be successful in life. If you are calm and positive then your home is a happy home and everyone will want to keep coming back. The Woman of the house has a great responsibility to make this all work together in harmony.
So a Mothers influence is very important and can mould her children into positive loving adults. We must be  very open and honest and trusting with our children. We must not  make a BIG deal when our child does something wrong, as long as he informs  us what he did. There after we should advise  him so that he understands and is capable in differentiating Good & Bad.


No matter how loving the parent-child bond, parents inevitably heave a sigh of relief when their adult kids finally start paying their own way and become self-sufficient.

Alok Mohan


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