Lust, Love & Liking

Lust,  Love & Liking


Love opens the most impossible gates; love is the gate to all the secrets of the

universe…………..Swami Vivekanand.

Lust is a physical attraction While liking some one,  is fulfillment of intellectual needs of individuals. Liking some one or some thing describes, how we care for some one. lust to me is desiring someone sexually basically without emotion & just passion. Lust is all about sex. It is a  physical attribute.
Like is an emotional connection. You care about another’s feelings. Lust is  attraction based purely on instinct & emotions. Many people confuse it for love. Seduction,  Sensuality,  Eroticism etc are connected with the feeling of lust. Love is a  conscious desire and effort to place another’s well-being above everything else ie a true and total commitment no matter how hard things may get. Definitely love is not based on emotions alone, because emotions can fluctuate and change, and love is supposed to stay steady through out. Many of us know the difference between Like, Lust and Love, in our heads but never practice it in our real lives. We may make a commitment to somebody for better or worse but we don’t stop to think first about just how bad or worst others may get due our lust & rage without the feeling of  love & Liking

Alok Mohan

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