Meditation by Alok Mohan



Meditation cleans the mind and makes it calm and quiet. Once our  mind is Clean, our health gets automatically  improved. Major reason of improvement of health is attributable to the fact that the major quantum of vital body energy wasted in unproductive  mind activities is used for body repairs during meditation.

For an ideal meditation to take place,  there are three steps 1. Remember God by chanting several times  Om or Ram or hari om or ————–
2. Sit quietly & ask for blessings from the almighty with the feelings of love gratitude & appreciation

3. Take five deep breaths

Once we concentrate our thoughts for long time, the thoughts coming in our mind will reduce. We must  focus our mind on the present on going moments. On going moments meditation improves our mood, decreases our stress/anxiety, boosts our immune function, helps us to  see life as it really is and helps us to cultivate mindfulness, wisdom, compassion, patience, and loving-kindness. We should find a quiet and comfortable place. & put aside all thoughts of the past and the future and stay in the present moments.

We should feel our  breathing & focus on the sensation of air moving in and out of our body as we breathe & at the same time watching  every thought that come and go through our mind ie all thoughts  whether they are associated with worry, fear, anxiety or hope. When thoughts come up in our mind, We must not  ignore or suppress them but simply note them, remain calm and focus on our breathing

We may find occasions when we  find our self getting carried away in our thoughts, We must watch those moments when our mind went off  and simply return to our breathing.

We may practice on going moment meditation for at least  ten to fifteen minutes every day.

Alok Mohan

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