Procedure 07/2010

   Rescheduling of  Visits

The CE may consider the rescheduling of a visit when there are genuine reasons available and justified by the client. It is ensured that such deviations do not go beyond limits and in any case does not defeat the ISO ISO17021.
1 Non-conformities
Non-conformities are factually confirmed by the client’s representative and reported to the client in writing before leaving the site. If no non-conformities are found the client is advised in the report.
If a major nonconformity initiate  necessary actions.
A written response to non-conformities is necessary when either:
• A Major Nonconformity is identified.
• There is a specific scheme requirement for a response.
• Commitment to resolving the problem during the visit cannot be obtained or the nonconformity is so significant product quality is likely to be affected
Otherwise, the requirement for a written response from the Client is at the discretion of the CE.
The time scale for the client to respond to the CE with a Corrective Action Programme is indicated in the report.
2 Visit Report
Responsibility: Assessment Personnel conducting the visit.
On completion of the surveillance assessment visit the Assessment Personnel will generate a Surveillance Assessment
In case if the assessor is unable to publish e reports due to time constraints , the assessor may use Assessment Commentary form and NCR sheet and leave copies of these duly agreed with client.
To avoid the process of assessment being considered wholly negative, positive comments about the efficiency of the quality system should be made wherever possible.
3      Distributing the Report
Responsibility: Visiting Assessment Personnel
• Copies of report are distributed to the Client, MERIT QUALITY CERTIFICATION office with assessment schedule,approved corrective action response (where appropriate) for visit closure and
4      Completion of Surveillance Assessment Visit
Responsibility: Team Leader (Assessment Personnel)
Where the report identifies;
• Non-conformities the progress of any requested corrective action programme is monitored (see below)
• major non-conformities, confirmation is made to the Organization in the report. This  indicates that continued registration depends upon the implementation of corrective action.
The MERIT QUALITY CERTIFICATION Office files detail sheets and the corrective action programme in the Organization file.
5      Monitoring Corrective Action
Responsibility CE
Where the surveillance assessment report requires a Organization response, progress shall be monitored against the agreed response time. If the Organization fails to respond in the allotted time;
• the CE thru its coordinator contacts the Organization and seeks a response within a specified period
• if a response is still not received, a written request is made emphasising that registration is in jeopardy unless a response is made immediately.
• if an acceptable corrective action programme is not forthcoming by the due date then the CE may plan/delegate a special visit or ultimately revoke the certification
6 Review of Corrective Action Programme
Upon receipt of the Corrective Action Plan the Concerned Assessor or CE assesses the adequacy of the response, which should provide evidence of completion or firm target for completion, if necessary further information is requested.
If the Corrective action response is unsatisfactory, even after consultation with the Organization, the Assessor/CE takes necessary action that may include
• bringing forward the next surveillance assessment visit
• initiating the certificate suspension / cancellation
Copies of the Corrective Action Programme with the signature, as evidence of agreement, together with any other subsequent documents are sent to the Chief Executive MERIT QUALITY CERTIFICATION Office before proceeding the same for filing and visit closure of Records.
7 Special Visits
Responsibility CE
When the CE considers it necessary to perform a special visit ,the system is updated and the Organization is informed in writing.
Special Visits are used to re-establish confidence when there is;
• discovery of a major nonconformity in the system or product
• a failure to carry out the required corrective actions
• a serious complaint
• a major change to the Organizations quality system
Where the Special Visit does not re-establish confidence the Suspension / Cancellation
Procedure may be implemented
8 Changes to Certificates
Where a change to certificate requires a site assessment prior to reissue, this requires reporting on the Assessment report and Recommendations.
Where the Organization’s scope does not reflect current business activities (due to expansion or relocation, for example), the CE may sanction an extended visit to assess the change and make corresponding adjustments to the surveillance assessment frequency
and duration. This is reported on form with any additional supportive information recorded.
When the assessment process has been completed (including review of corrective actions
if appropriate) the whole visit report will be submitted for review
9. Review of Surveillance Assessment Findings:
This review is conducted by a CEO/Manager where they are different from those who carried out the audit, to determine whether certification can be maintained, and to monitor its surveillance activities, including monitoring the reporting by its auditors,
to confirm that the certification activity is operating effectively.
The review includes the following:
1. Confirmation of SA assessment days
2. Template Report or any where Template Report is applicable.
3. Review of Certification Assessments.
3. Review of SA Reports 
4. Recommendations
5. Plan for next visits
6. Any changes in the Certification

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