Procedure MQC/SP/ 01


The Management of M/S Merit Quality Certification Pvt Ltd is committed to impartiality of Management System Certification Activities and understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out Certification activities. MQC has formed an Impartiality Committee with members from NGOs, Client Organizations etc. MQC has also formulated a procedures for identifying threats to impartiality due to different relationships.  We have developed a Complaint Management System to  ensure that MQC  handles complaints/Feed Back  about  clients in a positive and impartial  manner.   This system shall be applicable for our  registered clients  and shall benefit the management system of client organizations. On receipt of any complaint/feed back,  MQC shall initiate necessary investigations on the issue and monitor corrective actions. All such cases, which may influence certification decisions  shall be  referred to Impartiality Committee for independent Certification decision


A  Committee comprising following members,  is hereby constituted to ensure safeguarding impartiality of the ISO 9001 QMS Certification.

1.       Mr Alok Mohan
2.       Mr Sanjay Sharma
Charter of Duties of the Committee
  1. The Committee shall assist in developing policies relating to impartiality of its certification activities
  2. To counter act any tendency on the part of  the Certification body to allow commercial or other considerations to prevent the consistent objective provision of certification activities
  3. To advise on matters affecting confidence in certification including openness and public perception
  4. To conduct  a review at least once annually of the impartiality of Audit Certification and decision making process of the Certification Body
  5. To handle all Appeals & Complaints from Clients, Any Concerned individual from Public or Accreditation Boards. The Committee must ask Aggrieved parties for  evidences of information provided by them & handle each case fairly and consistently .
  6. To handle all cases wherein impartiality of Certification decision is likely to be influenced
  7. The Chair Person in consultation with other committee members shall take certification decision. Should there be any member from Impartiality Committee, whose influence may affect the Certification decision, the member should abstain from the particular decision making
  8. The Committee shall try to represent the interests of Customer/Client Organizations, Representatives of Industrial Associations and Trade Associations, Representatives of Government organizations and Non Government organizations  iaw section 6.23 of IS/ISO/IEC/17021:2006

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