Procedure MQC/SP/006

Audit Visit Preparations and Conduct of Audits

1 Scheduling Master Programme
The Surveillance Assessment visits are scheduled through Master Surveillance Programme  . This is normally recording the Surveillance assessment due months , conducted  status, man days required , man days delivered etc.
This program shall generate the summary of which surveillance assessments are pending in a particular month. Such summary is taken 3/2 months in advance.
3 Client Files
Client Files are available in MERIT QUALITY CERTIFICATION office for review by Assessment Personnel. The files
will contain copies of visit reports, assessment schedule, and Client corrective action plans for the current assessment cycle. Any other pertinent correspondence or documentation should also be held within the visit file. The information can be held in hard copy and electronic format. The client is advised accordingly to keep all records of assessments and corrective actions for review by assessment personnel whenever required.
4 Surveillance Assessment Visit
• The current outline plan should be updated where it has been made invalid owing to  business changes or assessment progress. The plan should ensure that the correct minimum number of assessment days are to be conducted.
• When updated the outline plan should be forwarded with the assessment details for inclusion into the Client File.
Issue date 01 Aug 2009 Approved By Chief Executive
• At the close of each visit the Assessments Personnel propose changes with justification to the Surveillance Assessment Program), if required due to any circumstances..
• At the start of each visit review the assessment schedule, note any significant changes  or issues and revise and finalise the plan accordingly.
• Any identified changes to the Client’s business and or management structure together with any significant amendments to the QMS e.g. issue/ revision status/ additions etc
since the last visit are recorded in the visit report and taken into account in drafting the assessment plan for the next visit
1. Visit Conduct
Conduct introductory and final meetings iaw  Checklists for assessments, these may be tailored to the circumstances and the familiarity of the client representatives with the process.
During each visit parts of the client’s quality management system are assessed in a  manner equivalent to the registration assessment, such that all aspects of ISO 9001:2008 are assessed over the course of three years. Within this period the frequency and intensity of
surveillance assessment are related to the importance of the activity to the client. Each Surveillance Assessment visit should include the monitoring of:
• Revisions made by the Client to the Management System. The revisions are checked for compliance with the management standard. Where the nature of the revisions made will prevent the assessment plan from being completed (owing to time needed to review), an additional visit should be made at an appropriate time. The visit will be chargeable and the client should be informed of this accordingly.
• the operation of the internal audit system and the clients management review process
• the operation of the clients complaints system
• the action taken to resolve non-conformities raised at previous visits to ensure that the cause has been investigated, that controls have been applied to ensure corrective
actions have been taken and that they are effective. Where progress is seen to be inadequate, the nonconformity is re-raised and escalated to Major status
• Clear indication is made in the assessment detail sheets to show that the assessment schedule has been followed. If not clear justification is recorded in the report.
• Changes in the way the MERIT QUALITY CERTIFICATION Registered Logo and accreditation logos are being used
also checked during the visit.
• Review and confirm client details (e.g. invoice address, strength & structure) remain correct and if purchase orders or numbers are required for invoice purposes.
















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