Procedure: MQC/SP/011

Control of Quality Records

1        Purpose and Scope

1.1     This Procedure facilitates control of records to ensure that they are legible, readily retrievable, damage or deterioration is minimized and loss is prevented.

1.2            It covers both system records as well as product and process records.

1.3           It covers records generated with in the company as well as those received from the suppliers relating to the quality of the purchased products.

2                Responsibility and Authority

2.1     Heads of concerned departments and sections are responsible for control of records generated by their departments and sections or received from the suppliers.

3        Procedure

3.1       Records generated in the implementation of quality system and listed in respective quality system procedures.

3.2       All records are maintained as hard / soft copies.

3.3       All records are properly identified, indexed and maintained in chronological order and stored in a manner, which would minimize damage or deterioration and prevent loss.

3.4       A Master list of records concerned to their function are maintained by the head of department or section indicating among other things the exact location of records and the retention period.

3.5       Records are retained at least till the specified retention period.

3.7       Records include supplier records like test certificates and inspection reports pertaining to purchased products.

3.7     Records are made available to the customer for evaluation when provided for in the contract.


4        Reference.


5        Records

Sl. No.

Name of Record


Retention Period

1 Master List of Records Concerned HOD Continuous



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