Procedure MQC/SP/013

Customer FeedBack

1      Purpose & Scope

1.1            This procedure facilities measurement of customer satisfaction and also effective handling of customers complaint.

2      Responsibility & Authority

2.1            MR is responsible for the over all measurement of customer satisfaction and handling of complaints. He is authorized to close customer complaints after ensuring satisfactory action in case of established complaints.

2.2            Assigned executives are responsible for obtaining customer feed back and investigating customer complaints.

3      Procedure

3.1            Measurement of customer satisfaction.

3.1.1       Customer satisfaction is measured by administering questionnaire after the execution of each customer order as per Format FM 109.

3.1.2       A plan for assessment of customer satisfaction through personal contact is made by the MR and concerned executive to take the opportunity of their visit to the customer. The assigned executives assess the customer satisfaction level, using format FM 110 and provide the results to the General Manager.

3.1.3       The results of customer satisfaction measurements are analyzed and appropriate actions taken to improve the customer satisfaction level.

3.1.4       The consolidated results of customer satisfaction measurement and implementation and effectiveness of actions taken are submitted for review during the Management Review Meetings.

3.2            Handling of Customer Complaint

3.2.1       Any customer dissatisfaction expressed verbally or in writing, directly or indirectly relating to the products or services provided by the company are treated as a complaint.

3.2.2       All customer complaints received are forwarded to the MRwho enters the details into the customer complaint register as per format No. FM 111 and acknowledges the customers.

3.2.3       Customer complaints are assigned to executives for investigation to establish the same and to recommend the nature of the redress to be provided to the complainant.

3.2.4       Necessary redress is provided to the customer in respect of established complaints with the approval of Works Manager. He may consult the MRas appropriate.

3.2.5       After reviewing the results of investigation in respect to complaints which have not been established and verification and acceptance of the redress action taken in respect of established complaints, GM closes the complaints.

3.2.6       Appropriate communication is sent to the customer both in respect of complaints, which have not been established, and complaints, which have been established, and redress provided.

3.3            A consolidated report of the complaints received, complaints handled and the age analysis of pending complaints is submitted to the management at monthly intervals for review during the management review meeting.

4      Reference




5       Record

Sl. No.

Name of Record


Retention Period

1 Customer satisfaction measurement and analysis record including actions taken report


5 years

2 Customer complaint file


3 years

3 Monthly consolidated report of customer complaints


3 years



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