Procedure MQC/SP/01717

Procedure MQC/SP/01717


1.0   Purpose:   The purpose of this process is establish a process for selecting, training and    authorization of auditors for audit work.
2.0  Scope:      The process is applicable to Manager Admin; Audit Manager; Certification Manager,
3.0   Responsibility:        Audit Manager, Certification Manager, CE|
4.0  Definition:               Nil

5.0 Procedure:

A.  Selection of auditors /experts            

  • Invite the application through advertisement or Internal sources
  • Scrutinize the application as per the requirement
  • Convene the interview and select the candidate. 

B. Training of auditors/Experts:

1.   Auditors who do not have assessment experience will be detailed as Observers  for  10   Man Days audit as per sectors of his work experience and qualification. The initial competence evaluation of an auditor shall include demonstration of applicable personal attributes and the ability to apply required knowledge and skills during audits, as determined by the team leader observing the auditor conducting an audit.

2. Submission of report by Team Leader to M.D through Assessment  Manager

C. Authorsing of auditors for audit work

After completion of 20  man days audit  as  Observers  the auditor name will be  Included in the list of Internal/ External auditors Initially he will be formally  authorized For audits as a Team member for 10 audit man days and there after he will be formally  authorized as a Team leader.
Document reference;
1. Application form    —————- F-AQ-18
2. Record of interview and selection decision.   ——— R-AQ-21
3. Reports of Team Leaders for Observer auditors ——— R-AQ-22
4. Approval of M.D in writing for including the name of Observer auditors in the list of internal/external auditors and authorizing audit assignments.   —— R-AQ-23        




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