Procedure MQC/SP/08

Conduct of  Management Review Meetings

1 Purpose & Scope

1.1 To enable management to review quality system for ensuring continuing suitability and its effectiveness in satisfying the requirements of IS/ISO/IEC 17021:2006   and the Organization’s Quality Policy and Objectives. The Top management has established MRM Procedure to review its Management System once a year with a purpose to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and efficacy and check

  its functioning against stated policies
  1. Review Inputs: Following shall be inputs for the Review
  2. Results of Internal and external audits
  3. Feed back from Clients and interested parties
  4. Feed back from the Committee for safe guarding impartiality
  5. Status of Preventive and Corrective actions
  6. Follow up action from Previous MRM reviews
  7. He fulfillment of objectives
  8. Changes that could affect the management system
  9. Appeals and complaints
  1. Review Out puts: Following shall be outputs
  1. The out put from the Review shall include decisions and actions related to
                     I  Improvement of Effectiveness of the QMS and its   processes
II   improvement of the certification services related to fulfillment of   international standard ISO 9001:2008 and IS 17021
   III Identification of Resources and  Needs

5  Responsibility & Authority

A  Management Review Committee (MRC) is responsible for performing the review of the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Systems.
B. MRC comprises Chief Executive, Directors and Members of Committee ensuring impartiality
6 Procedure
A  M.R. records the minutes of MRM in the form of action notes with defined responsibility and agreed timeframe. It is circulated to the members and others concerned for appropriate actions. Extracts may also be given to concerned personnel for immediate action.
B  M.R. follows up the actions based on the decisions taken during the MRMs and reports the same during the subsequent MRMs for review


7 Records


Name of Record


Retention period
1 Agenda and Minutes of MRM MR 3 Years

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