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The english translated version of the famous novel ‘EXPECTATON’ (’PRATEEKSHA’) written by Smt. Rajkumari Sharma is

worth to be included in the list of the best novels ever written on the INDO-PAK


The author in her autobiographical novel has beautifully depicted the customs,

traditions, festivals, the life- style and the changing scenario in the work culture

of the then Punjab. Since the author herself being a victim of the INDO-PAK

partition; has undergone the horror, hence she has succeeded in depicting the

heart-breaking experience of the bloody-partition. The heroine of the novel Sita

never surrenders to the adversities, never compromises to wrong ethical values

but, takes them up as the challenge; faces them boldly and becomes victorious.

As a social-novel, it ‘s story is very inspiring, interesting and indulging. I am

confident that this novel written in simple language would be a guide & enrich

the knowledge of the readers.

-Dr. Tilak Raj Goswami

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