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As we are aware that  the Bangladesh Liberation War  was an armed conflict which resulted in secession of  East Pakistan,, which became the independent nation of Bangladesh.     The Novel "Punarmilan" presents the details of  cause & effect on social order in East Pakistan consequent to violence unleashed by the Pakistani forces led by General Tikka Khan. Immediately after taking over as Governor of Pakistan, General Tikka Khan ordered shooting of five hundred bangla activists. Consequent to this cold blooded massacre, Pakistan military carried out systematic genocide of bengalis. It is understood that close to ten lakh bengalis were murdered by pakistan military.. The violence unleashed by the Pakistani forces on 25 March 1971 provoked the people of bangladesh and their leader  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared Bangladesh as a  sovereign and independent country. The violence unleashed by Pakistan military on innocent people, led to influx of refugees in India. The civil war led to a sea of refugees  flooding into the eastern proivince of India Facing a mounting humanitarian and economic crisis, India started actively aiding and organizing the Bangladeshi resistance army known as Mukti Bahini.  These events compelled India led by Indra Gandhi to take military action against the Pakistan Army and help Bangladesh to gain freedom. During the war there were widespread killings and other atrocities – including the displacement of civilians in Bangladesh and widespread violations of human rights, carried out by the Pakistan Army.

The Novel 'Punarmilan" is an imaginary presentation of the  plight of people of Bangladesh during the freedom struggle & the auspicious & emotion reunion of  of some married couples.


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