Salvation By Alok Mohan





Most of the Religions claim that salvation can be attained by meditation, accumulation of wisdom, asceticism, rituals, or good deeds. Some religions teach that humans can be saved only through the grace granted by some Messenger of God. I feel neither of these paths for salvation are fully True nor are these Paths Fully False. Salvation need both inner Human Resources like Meditation & outer Resources like a Teacher. We all Human beings are Messengers of God but we do need a Teacher for direction to the Path of Salvation. Salvation means the end of this birth -life-death cycle ! Since we do not wish to  go thru the miseries of life & death repeatedly, We pray for salvation. We prefer to be with our Creator. We do not wish to be part of this World with full of miseries.  We are  individual forms of God & our  devotion and bhakti takes us to our creator. Salvation saves us from worldly sins. Each religion recommends certain way of reaching salvation. Main purpose behind salvation is to reduce the evil & sins which many humans have been committing during their life times. For achieving Salvation, We must have complete faith in God. If we have faith in God by heart, we will automatically achieve salvation. Without the confidence and reliance on one’s faith in God, individual would be a very miserable person. I feel we all have to return to God & be accountable for all the sins we have committed in our life time. We all are aware that our mind wanders due  worldly affairs. Standstill mind always gives us temporary salvation. Therefore salvation at times become internal. Such cases we are just detaching from worldly affairs & establish connection with God Temporarily. Therefore this is our personal responsibility to discipline ourselves for our peace of mind. We may find  only  external guides and teachers to help us to stabilise from wandering minds, but there will be no saviour who will save us from our sins. The sins will keep on disturbing our mind till the time we are attached with this world. Detachment from the Worldly affairs may only help us from such cases temporarily. As by oneself an evil is done; by oneself is one’s image  tarnished. By oneself is one made pure. Purity and impurity depended on oneself; no messenger  can purify another messenger of God. Meditation is just renunciation of the fruit of all of our actions & this  renunciation of our actions will only get us peace of mind. Taking control of the mind is a herculean task & we may  think of rituals like Pooja, Pilgrimage, Holy bath etc etc. But the best path to Salvation is to discipline our mind to positive & optimistic way of life.

Alok Mohan

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