The Story of my life (Continued)

To day i visited Schliersee hill station. It is located on the Mangfall Mountains or sometimes called Mangfall Alps mountain range at eastern most part of the Bavarian of Germany.
Though i thought i must stop sharing the moments of life but today’s incident had shaked my mind While i was relaxing on my chair an old man came & sat on another chair next to me
This old german gentleman knew english and therefore i could communicate with him.

During the short chat we discussed about the local german the culture & inheritance the beautiful places in Germany.
I asked him about the second world war. When i asked him about Second world war & hitler I could see anger & grief in his eyes.
He requested me to not to take hitlers name before any local german as people hate hitler.
I was surprised with his answer as i thought hitler must be the role model of local population.
As this gentleman was a christian I wanted to know the reason of his extreme hate as i believe hitler was also a christian.
He told me that hitler had burnt alive many thousands if jews and their families alive and almost every christian hates this leader.
I could see the tears in the eyes for those people who did not belong to his community. I wished if similar feelings had existed in the minds of people of rest of india India would have become heaven for many.
Exactly the same time i read a message
That whatever happened to me & my previous generations during & since 1947 was what they had deserved.
I never ever expected such insensitive answer from a citizen of India.
Eslecially the one, who had been sitting on his ass at Junter manter for OROP movement for hours & hours that also for a very minor injustice The worst part is this individual considered himself as an officer and people like me “unofficer like”
May i revisit the memories of my families past in short
During 1947 my grand parents and close to 60 relatives were murdered by muslim mob and their only fault was that they were so callex kafirs ( hindus) We lost our nears & dears our houses & our lands during the partition master minded by nehru & jinnah.
My father survived partition as he was a professor in Govt college.
During 1966 Indra Gandhi created bindrawale and hindus like us were subjected to another partition. Bhindrawale had prepared a hit list for hindus and had killed many.
My family shifted to haryana whete pinjabi hindus were not welcome. The then CM of haryana compulsorily retired every punjabi hindu as he wanted to promote people fromnhis own community. As my father had refused to select an individual for peon job as he was falling short of merit the CM terminated my fathers services in voilation of the provisions of the constitition of India. My father fouhhthis case reinstated but was again retired compulsorily in violation of the provisions constitution of india once again.
During this short period our family was subjected to a financial burden as there was no income. I was engg college student. Some how i spent several.months without money. I used to have having meals a kali kamli temple in kurushetra while i was a student of RECK now NITK

The difficult period was over and i got graduated.
But coming back to this insensitive message.
The discussions had started when one individual started praising the casty CM
I could not tolerate this as this individual had caused a big harm to my family. Rather his government and all succesive govts of haryana had cheated my parents since 1972. Obviously i replied saying that the then CM was a useless person and subjected my family to financial burden for a long period. I conveyed that this was duty of govt to be polite with 1947 victims.
The group people didnot show any empathy Rather they startedcalling me communal.
The message that my family deserved the lossesfrom a citizen of India had surprised me And once again
A question has started troubling my mind
Are we the Punjabi hindus ethnically different people ?
Background of this question is
Because muslim majority pakistan threw us out from partitioned India
Sikh majority punjab threw us out in 1966
Jat majority harya govts denied our previous generation Right of employmeny and subjected us to a big financial burden
Recently i got a call from a british lady that i must continue wrting story of my life. I think i should start sharing my experiences of my post retirement with people.
So my answer is
Yesi shall write now on wards I know my command over english language is not good but still I shall not feel shy in sharing my experiences