God is absolute consciousness which is Formless/Nameless We may assume conscious in any Form/Name & have belief God appears in that Form/Name. God has to be experienced by your feelings Believing God may give us temporary relief God may be present in a Needy Person a Beggar a saint etc. God loves & forgives Forgiveness is an act of grace However it’s more important if we ourselves can forgive us & this depends on what we did. Knowledge Efforts & Dedication are three different ways to understand the ultimate truth about God. We must seek wisdom wherever it exists. Knowledge is free from religion/caste/creed/belief Every Human on Earth has been impressing others some way to show that he is the best human being.However existence of our conscious in this world, depends on vision/mission. Mission/vision lacking integrity lead to conflict in self due to a God’s Vision & Mission for us. Religion/No Religion Worshiping/No Worshiping, Believer/Nonbeliever has no meaning. Our deeds only decide durability of our conscious in this Physical & Cosmic World. People who love God & are humble & caring. People who respect others are loved by God & People Behaving calm & cool attract people. God Love all human beings & understand their imperfections. God is very kind to every one & give tasks & lessons to be learnt for betterment

Pleasure is a state mind & comes within feeling of some accomplishment. Happiness is a great accomplishment & is the biggest stress reliever. We humans are gifted with qualities like Love, kindness, affection & feeling pain for fellow humans. We all are integrated with each other in this cosmic world. Detachment from pain provides Psychological pleasure only. Pain is associated with our deeds & feelings and therefore create imaginary Emotional & Physical world around us.
Detachment from pain is possible, if we attach our conscious with any interesting activity, which gives us satisfaction. This process, helps us controlling negative thoughts stored in our mind.
The level of Emotions of a devotee decide effectiveness of communication with Supreme conscious God understand feelings of every human being. Faith in Self, Family, Friends, Community & Nation. Faith in God is must for us. No faith in self means difficulty in survival. Faith is a God Gift & brings us Success. Consuming our life with hobbies interest work & relations add to our conscious Our actions & .reactions to different life situations add to our Conscious~mohanalok


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