Ability, Capability & Competence

26238“Competence is demonstrated capacity to achieve special  requirements of new challenging situations  & acquiring knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics,  to satisfy such situations. Performance of routine jobs for a number of donkey years, has no relevance with professional competence”

In this statement,  I feel the emphasis is not merely on one’s job but individual’s  professional competence.  A real professional of any age, never ever finds difficulty in marketing his knowledge, skills and services.

Overcoming adversity does not lead to competence, though this may  lead to over confidence. Over coming adversity at work place is an impossible task. There is 5 ½ “  between ears & which is basically empty & does not have to stress so as to open mouth & blow air from  2” space between lips, to talk non sense, about others. For  a peon, maintaining and retrieving files, is a main professional task & for a clerk typing speed is his main task. While a design & development professional, may be considered as competent individual, if he prepares fail safe, new  designs.  Individuals carrying similar jobs for a number of donkey years, can not be called  competent professionals in any of these professions. Peons or Clerks, in an organization, have no right to comment on  competence of a design engineer, if an engineer, is un able to retrieve or locate files or is bad at typing work  & a design engineer can not shift the blames of his poor design work to his subordinates.  A design engineer, can only be considered incompetent, once his products fail in market. The market, therefore, decides, competence of a design engineer. Design engineer, can, also, not get away from the blame of his poor designs, saying that these problems are just teething problems.

In an  administrative structure of any large organization, hierarchical designations, define spheres of competence, subject to inter personnel  rules, recruitment by competence, and judicious salary structure. Application of  rigid rules, without defining specific  duties for individuals holding different designations, shows incompetence of the administrative structure. Competence of an organization is judged by the communication skills, within employees, so that they are able to plan and organize to achieve the objectives of the organization.

As we are aware, excellence requires energy of soul, energy of mind and energy of body &  When all the three ingredients are available as a team, tremendous synergy is generated. Therefore, It is teamwork and nothing, but teamwork, which emerges as the winner. Teamwork means “A joint action by a group of people, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group”

“Individual intellectual quarks are therefore  useless & have no meaning”   

To sum up, Ability refers to individuals/organization’s skills, capability signifies whether individual/organization fits into particular position or not, while competence means whether individual/organization is qualified for a job or not.

Commander Alok Mohan


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