Attitude by Alok Mohan



Attitude is an expression of mind.

Whatever is in our Mind is clearly shown in our attitude. For example, If we think that others are inferior to us then we  have a tendency to put others down. This  could also mean “show off. We must treat others the way  we would like to be treated.

If we  like someone then our attitude shall  be positive towards that person and  our behaviour shall  also be favourable and the reverse may lead to unfavourable behaviour. We must not forget that

the only disability in our lives may be our bad attitude

Attitude directs our behaviour. Attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. At times we are un able to distinguish between Attitude & Proud. Proud means displaying great dignity or nobility

While a  lot of things go into a person’s attitude For example experiences, emotions, self will, desire etc etc.

Having a positive mental attitude is asking how some thing can be done rather then saying it can not be done

If we call our trouble experiences and remember that every experience develops some latent force within us then we will grow vigorous & happy, however adverse our circumstances may seem to be.

 We  should have positive attitude towards fellow human beings because it depends upon us if we want to make goodwill towards others
It is the great struggle in life to be able to control our actions by first controlling our thoughts and desires. As we learn to  control over our thoughts and desires then the right attitude develops within us.  As we develop the right attitude then our attitude helps us to maintain the desired behaviour. Don’t try to stop negative thinking, but pay these negative thoughts  no mind and then we discover that negative thoughts disappear and we  return to inner awareness & there after we  behave in a positive way. Eventually we develop a more positive attitude. It starts with just this awareness in our heart that grows into conscious thought and develops into an action that becomes our habit and finally determines our life time behaviour.
We can not control what happens to us but we can control our attitude towards what happens to us and in that we will be mastering change rather then allowing these happenings to master us

 We must try to inculcate such traits so that we are polite to others,  no matter how rude others could be to us.  I know it’s sounds silly. We should not be teaching  people, how to say please, thank you, excuse me etc etc. However we may get  surprised to note that we generally miss these traditional skills at times, when they are desired most.

To sum up Attitude is our general disposition – Our mental starting point for viewing life, events & and people around us. Optimistic people transmit positive attitude as they view the world in more friendly manner.

Alok Mohan

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