Building Great Relations



Trust, Understanding, Commitment, Honesty, Love, Respect & Communication are important behavioral attributes, for development of Great Relationships. Difficult Relations between two egoistic partners never get better if only one partner does all Compromising, Partners must always keep good timings of life in heart to build great relationships.  Life is lived with all types of stresses. Perfect relationships develop, if we perfect in Stress management. Great Relationship may not necessarily guarantee happiness, but definitely increase comfort level between the Partners, which is due to an emotional Love. Any sacred bond, which may have been forgotten/devalued shall always be much more than marriage reproductions or physical pleasures of life.

Some evil Souls may get angry over every small issue & may create anxious moments for  the people near to them. They  may also exhibit aggressive & arrogant attitude. Evil souls may not reciprocate love in positive way. Accepting Evil in its form or surrendering to it,  is another  way to build great relationships with the evil souls  also.

For building perfect relations, we must know the art of getting impressed as we all are motivated by self-interest. We develop great relations, when we sacrifice our needs for others. Feelings towards others & caring for others, decide strength of bonding between different relations. Selfish/impulsive behavior may adversely affect relationships. Same culture & moral values are important to build great love relationships bet’n partners.

There’s nothing like Perfect Relationship as we all make mistakes. We must work out balance for harmonic relations as events in life are not smooth. Loving/Caring, without wanting something in return from Partners build great relationships & develop special bond, which can never ever be broken.  “This is a universal truth that every one in this world has been trying to impress every one else”


Betrayal by Beloved make people scared to develop Great Love Relationships. Love comes from heart & not mind. True Love always leave a Legacy.

If We allow child inside us to stay & try to be childish , We can build up great relationships with people, Who matter us. Belief in Partners is must for healthy Relationship. Distrust originates between partners based on false & dishonest   communication~Alok Mohan

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