Destiny by Alok Mohan



We are here living this life because of our karma. Our  aim should be to be compassionate and try to cultivate a general love for others. We should be respectful with each other and that’s what God wants

The importance is not the destination, but the path we choose to travel

God is not only omniscient but omnipotent also, which some people, but not most believe.

God always know what choices,  individuals shall make tomorrow, but actually God chose

“what individuals would choose” By virtue of His foreknowledge He knows what will influence individual choices, and by virtue of His omnipotence, He controls all those factors.

 This becomes especially important for the doctrines relating to salvation and predestination.


While  God is omnipotent and knows the choices that individuals will make, He still allows individuals to make the decisions, hence creating “free” will and making individuals responsible for their actions there is one God and one path in life to heaven through learning and experiencing from his word rather than being distracted by material things


We all have different intentions and free will because higher power wanted us to choose for own beliefs. God does not want to control our lives. He wants us to make a choice for ourselves

Our Choices may be  different, however, I think all paths still lead to higher power.  Everyone is different, that’s what our divine source(s) intended. Because we’re all so different, our goals and destinies are too.


The debate over free will versus destiny has existed since time began. We should  believe in a divine creator and His rule over our lives.

God has given us free will. We have 100% free will, but that we are also 100% bound to our destiny. With that in mind we are divided in our aims and goals based on our relation with that source. Since we all carry the same creator and that creator gave us free will, we all take different paths. One leads to that creator, others don’t. 
Imagine a city street with millions of pedestrians. Half of them are going in one direction and the other half are going in the opposite direction. They are bumping and shoving and stumbling on to each other. This is the human experience. One group is traveling towards the creator and what is good, the other half is traveling away from the creator to satisfy their pride. Either way you travel you will have conflict and you will bump into others with different aims, goals, and destinies. What really matters is that you travel with kindness, love, and in the right direction. 

A  poem (Author not known) is reproduced as below:  

Surrender your soul in the midst of positivity ,
See your tomorrow in the sky of possibilities
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Make your qualities act as an armour against weakness ,
Feel the pain to escalate your strength ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Make your way leading to your shinning destiny ,
Take each day as a ray of optimism ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Follow a path away from the avalanche of negativity
Be thankful to god for this crazy life ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Create an identity of your own in a world filled with entourage ,
Make your dreams form the pinnacle of your tomorrow ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Make your life as pure as the azure ,
Exult your failure as a sign of victory ahead ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Prevent the past from acting as an obstacle for your today ,
Fix your eye on the shimmer of your goal ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .
Don’t make life complicated by counting your looses ,
Look up in the sky to see your reflection in the stars ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Emancipate yourself from the pessimistic darkness ,
Celebrate your victory with the one’s who celebrate you ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .

Visualize your reflection in the mirror of victory ,
Let your life be an epitome of perfection for others ,
Aim for the stars lying next to the moon .


Destiny is the choice that we make out of the innumerable ones available to us in our society.

And the outcome depends on the interactions and vibrations that the varied components set to our choice.

And this is what the destiny was meant  for me

May be it was my destiny to push the limits and try to  achieve impossible goals

May be I was  given a desire as part of my  fate to do that as I am always made to understand that  

 “Destiny is the resultant of Desires, Efforts & Luck  and

These were unfulfilled desires only, which make us  to put our best efforts and change our  destiny”

This life is very short, the vanities of the world are transient

But  they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.   


Alok Mohan


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