Dreams & Desires by Alok Mohan



Our mind and body always yearn for something,what, we do not have. Our mind is  designed in such a way that we do not give any  value for something we already have.

All humans are born with several desires. A strong, successful man is not the victim of his environment. He creates favorable conditions. His own inherent force and energy compel things to turn out as per his  desires. How ever he must bring his desires down to his present means.

We, therefore, must increase our desires as per our available means viz we must control our desires.To control desires means to leave what ever comes as hurdle in the way of our life journey. Anything which distracts us from our destination is a hurdle and we must detach our self from such negative desires. Remember

“Life moves between attachment & Detachment. Some times Attachment gives Pleasure & Some times Detachment gives Pleasure” Therefore we must learn the art to  Attach or detach from our Desires.

This does not mean that we must not dream. Without dreaming nothing is possible. A builder uses architect to plan a building or house on a paper and there after he  proceeds with  Construction Work.  There is no harm in dreaming our future and planning it. It is our first duty to handle and see family well beings with legitimate ways. We must try our best to please our co-travellers of life ie family & community members. Only then our life journey shall be pleasant. No need to control our dreams, but  one should have a control on his desires. Remember if we have control on our desires, we shall understand  its importance. Our wishes and desires are driving forces and motivating points in our life. No matter what point we may be in our lives, we always have some wishes and desires to guide us and to force us to stand up and take notice of our lives. Even if we say we have nothing to live by, it is our desires that still drive us on. Our dreams are also     un full filled desires of our life. When we say that our dreams have come true, we imply this to our expectations. Desires and expectations always lead to great rewards. People generally rise to the level of expectations, which has been set for them. Our Thoughts therefore align with our dreams and desires. Only what is required out of us is that we must do hard work. We only loose, when we  give up Hard Work. Dreams only can not  fulfill  our desires. We must work hard. Dreaming is  like looking at the sky and waiting for a shooting star to pass by or perhaps waiting for a fairy Godmother to grant our wishes/desires. We must work hard to translate our Dreams & Desires to achieve Success as these are  Unfulfilled desires only which motivate us and make us move ahead in life.



Alok Mohan



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