Human Evolution

GOD created us. We don’t know how God made our organs ie our livers, kidneys etc work. But we all know they do exist & work in perfect compatibility. We see every process of Nature in this Universe, compatible to other processes. This universe is in perfect balance exactly like Human Body.

There is an assumption that we are related to Apes in a way where we are descendants and have evolved away from them. That way Lions and tigers are also closely related ie more than humans and monkeys. All these theories are full of holes. I feel Evolution is for the soul and not for the body

Human being is not merely a body, but consciousness, i.e. living energy which is capable of self-awareness and that possesses mind and memory. Existing theories of Evolution are less scientific and more reliant upon beliefs.

Creatures pass on their genetic information to their off springs. This is a natural mechanism by which the fittest members of a species survive to pass on their genetic information to their off springs through the reproductive process, while the weakest are eliminated.

We all know the evolutionary formation of new biological species, usually by one species that divides into two or more species that are genetically unique. Speciation occurs when members of a species mutate to the point where they are no longer able to breed with other members of the same species. Through speciation, the genes of the new population become isolated from the previous group. Two species can have homologous anatomy even though they are not related in any way.

Every religion is evolving a God out of human consciousness. Religion is some sort of a by product of evolution. Humans have evolved to a degree that they can realize they will die some day, and this is hard to swallow. Humans have been successful in following pattern. There is constant struggle to become perfect, to become divine & to reach God. We are entering a stage of ‘Self designed evolution’ where we will be able to select DNA and improve it in the ways we like. Earlier, evolution has been forming through ‘natural selection. Evolution was a natural way in which nature evolved or has chosen to evolve.

Earlier Divine mother chose whichever way she liked. But now with the help of microevolution we can repair genetic defects. Our Consciousness is probably controlled by a large number of genes working in relation with one another. We may be able to change consciousness. We may be able to re-design our self with the help of micro evolution and may change our existing life form ie a life form which may be even be lighter then Air

Alok Mohan

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