God exist in our belief

centralgalacticcoreclosur8-1God exist in every individual’s faith & belief system. Had there been no intelligent force, it would have been difficult to maintain ecological balance of universe. Belief in God gives meaning to Cosmic processes. Religion comprise manifested beliefs of mankind to elevate to higher plane of consciousness. God possess supreme powers & enables us with adequate powers to gain strength. When we are depressed, he helps us to restore our confidence. All energies of universe are emanating from super conscious Souls transformed to higher conscious are free from pains & pleasures of the life. Contentment/Attainment are complimentary to each other. We must practice contentment & work for Attainment & Surrender to God in case of failures. Mind is never content with best of possessions. Best & most suitable way to experience GOD is, to feel Him, Feel good, Do good, keep Mind clean. God’s presence is generally felt by the mentally depressed people, who have faith in Him. Our thoughts & emotions always take us to His empire. Miraculous intervention by God do happen to save this universe. God is Truth. Illusion/False imaginations about God are, creation of some idle minds

God answers those prayers which are in harmony with His plan for the mother earth.

God is aware that most times we can care for ourselves. But God intervenes when we are helpless.
Worship has nothing to do with God & our prayers may not be acceptable. Worship is a personal way to communicate with God to purify ourselves only. People pursue their own ways of religious beliefs. Belief in God comes from self realization only. Imagining God is the best way to relax our mind. God never interferes with our day to day activities. God only intervenes at the time of crisis only. Death is a final effort of God to save us. God’s presence is felt in Heart Caring & Compassionate attitude & is reflected through our eyes which is a doorway to our heart. When lust passions desires make us to concentrate on God then craze within us make us mad & create psychic powers which connect us with Him. Sorrows are creation of depressed minds. God may have no time to look into our sorrows. But if we concentrate our mind into God, we get out of depression. Belief & faith in God drive us through ups & Downs of life & provide us necessary strength to face situational stresses of tough &crazy times. Creator, who is also Destroyer, also exist in the nature as energies of creation, preservation & destruction. People with experiences feel Divine power. I feel victims of violent crimes must stay strong & have belief in the Supreme ie the creator. Traumatic experiences connect us to Him, earlier then others. Caring for all ie People, Animals & Birds who depend on us for their survival are Godly attributes Love charity compassion for others, connect us with God. When in pain, anxious Moments, at times, bring us to a depressed state of mind. Tuning mind to thoughtless state & then to jobs which interest, make us feel better.
God’s presence is felt during prayers meditation or during state of extreme distress. We need to concentrate & calm down our thoughts & emotions, so as to feel the Divine power.
Meditation is one of the processes of becoming aware of Lords creation. This depends on our connection with cosmic energy Thoughts represent our state of mind at a particular state of universe. Understanding Heaven & Hell are creation of a Human Mind. Lord’s creation is this universe of enlightenment & knowledge thro’ the state of our consciousness.


God has created fear of unknown in our minds. If there’s no fear then we may harm others. Primitive human started worshiping every object he feared. God has created world with an idea, that promises pleasure for all in each object. We pursue every kind of pleasure, though it only comes from Self. Miracles happen, if we have pure devotion towards the almighty. Faith in God gives us confidence, which is very necessary at the time of crisis. Atheist feel that no rules of God can control & decide their future. Atheists become biggest believers, when they get into trouble & look up for His mercy.
God loves righteous being. Theist or atheist does not matter to Him. This is fear of God, which guides theist, the way of truth, peace and love. A theist believes that God has created rules for we humans and the world. He is the omnipresent intelligence, who has created this universe.

We turn to God, in a form that, we have been raised to believe, when in trouble & God gives us strength to bear the brunt of such an occurring. Existence of evil & our exposure to it, is essential for our Enlightenment , Happiness & Sorrow. Let these transient states of joys & sorrows may not affect us.. Evolution of Human is the most beautiful creation of God. He gifted us with speaking, seeing, knowing, touching, expressing feelings & of course thoughts. God is formless, timeless, ageless & spaceless. We may perceive him in any form. Egotist human feel-his perception of God is right & others are Fools. When the path of spirituality teaches us patience & to be humble When our heart is quiet & mind is still, we see  beauty, peace & joy in His creation~mohanalok


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