God & His Creation




God has created fear of unknown in our minds. If there’s no fear then we may harm others. Primitive human started worshiping every object he feared. God has created world with an idea that promises pleasure for all in each object. We pursue every kind of pleasure, though it only comes from Self. Miracles happen, if we have pure devotion towards the almighty. Faith in God gives us confidence which is very necessary at the time of crisis. Atheist feel that no rules of God can control & decide their future. Atheists become biggest believers, when they get into trouble & look up for His mercy.
God loves righteous being. Theist or atheist does not matter to Him. This is fear of God, which guides theist, the way of truth, peace and love. A theist believes that God has created rules for we humans and the world. He is the omnipresent intelligence, who has created this universe.

We turn to God, in a form that, we have been raised to believe, when in trouble & God gives us strength to bear the brunt of such an occurring. Existence of evil & our exposure to it, is essential for our Enlightenment , Happiness & Sorrow. Let these transient states of joys & sorrows may not affect us.. Evolution of Human is the most beautiful creation of God. He gifted us with speaking seeing knowing touching, expressing feelings & thoughts. God is formless timeless ageless spaceless We may perceive him in any form Egotist human feel-his perception of God is right & others are Fools. When the path of spirituality teach us patience & to be humble When our heart is quiet & mind is still we see beauty peace joy in His creation~mohanalok


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