Joy Sorrow



Joy & Sorrow are wonderful things during the journey of life. Joy gives reason for living, while Sorrow makes us, appreciate joy. What matters is Tuning of mind to optimism.
Joy & sorrow complement each other. We can not know the value of joy, if We have not been sorrowful. We can not feel sorrow, if we have known no joy. Detachment is absence of attachment. Pleasure is absence of pain. Darkness is absence of light. When we create light of understanding then darkness disappears.

 Bad things happen to good people. Pain & Pleasure is aspect for spiritual development. Understand Soul develops with spiritual strength after our body experiences pain & pleasures of life. Experiencing pain helps us to feel difference between good & bad and develop our Conscious. Feeling of pain & pleasure is important for our spiritual development.



God may be making us suffer in our life, because He wants to make us stronger. When we look at sufferings then we see evil, while God see us developing spiritually.
Existence of evil & our exposure to it, may be essential for our enlightenment to win transient states of joys & sorrows. There’s is nothing unjust for God. God is source of true love. He has blessed us with happiness It depends on us to discover the fact & start realizing the beauty of every thing around us~mohanalok

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