Life & Death by Alok Mohan

Life & Death –            Death is greatest mystery in life. 



Life after death cannot be proved scientifically. Science does not understand how the mind works. There is no mechanism for how the brain can generate thoughts let alone how consciousness could come about. Brain cells do not give us thoughts and consciousness. Having a soul may explain the phenomenon of Life after death. We are conscious of our existence. We are conscious of our mortality or immortality. We have very high level of consciousness. We all have some part of our brain, which makes us think & some part which stops us from thinking. Universal consciousness is the source of energy or power that allowed the universe’s creation and the life in it.

We all know Energy or Matter can never be created or destroyed but can only be transformed. Consciousness is a form of energy, which cannot be destroyed but may be transformed.
We know everything is made of energy. Everything, including life, is the result of this energy. Scientists such as Schneider and Sagan have successfully shown how the flow of energy creates life.

We may have different bodies with similar brains and with similar number of nerves, but we have different character and personality. Our character cannot be easily seen or described. Nothing in this world dies & the portion of our life which does not exist can never die. Matter always exists in some form or other. Matter never dies .but it may change form.
Purpose of our life is about helping energy flow, spread and balance. God has given us precious gift for assisting energy flow. I feel if we have a choice between Life & death then we must pick up life as by doing this we are helping Universal Conscious to ensure energy flow. Life is not meaningless. God has given us the life to use it in a right way.
We must have experienced that someone whom we had never met & who is a totally stranger to us, at times appear very familiar & friendly. We keep remembering him or her. We always like that person’s presence. Communication with one stranger is always pleasant, while communication with another stranger is really difficult and irritating. The reason of this is that we carry the imprints of our past life. This is because of our earlier birth’s relationship. If we were very close to someone and that person has taken re-birth when we have taken birth again then as and when we meet him, we would be developing our liking towards him. Similarly vice verse. People who make more friends in their present life would definitely spread love all around them. If we show kindness to all we will get it back in next life. We are living in multidimensional life with multidimensional thoughts and multidimensional knowledge
The idea of disappearing into a state of complete non-existence after death scares many people. There is nothing scary about this. Death is definitely not the worst thing in life as distance between Life & death is very fine line ie a breath. Sufferings and Pains only are worst in life and God has given us a Choice. God has given us a mind to attach or detach from worldly events. Sufferings are therefore caused by our ignorance & ignorance is caused by our ego. Ego is the free will & free will goes beyond our death as these sufferings only go to our next life also. Death gives momentarily pain to us & people around us. Our actions arising out of any evil, has far reaching ramifications on self as well as the whole world and we must avoid evil as we are accountable to Universal Conscious for our actions.
Alok Mohan

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    August 8, 2017 at 11:50 am |

    This article gives a practical insight into the abstractphenomenon of life Nd death.

    • August 31, 2017 at 2:17 pm |

      Thanks for the comment & the encouragement
      I shall definitely like to contribute more on the subject.
      Aff urs

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