Managing Time by Alok Mohan

Managing Time 



 I think time is the only thing that makes us realize that we are mortal. It helps us to understand that we are changing ie growing up and getting older, both mentally as well as physically. Hence to bring success in our lives , time management is important


Time is the most precious wealth we have. Once time is gone, it would. never come back. We must learn how to manage our time, as time is as good as wealth. I remember my school days, when our teachers advised us to make time table and assign appropriate time for each subject  and we used to make timetable. Any student who could manage his  time successfully, could score higher then others in various exams.


Our life also do need similar time table so that we don’t waste time in non- productive activities and are successful in all of  those endeavours, we attempt.

We must make a “To Do” list every day and use spare minutes wisely and find the right time to do tasks,  


Following tips may help with time management:

1. Don’t waste time. For example now a days people waste lot of time in Web Surfing, On Line Chatting, checking un desired e-mails/Spam etc. 

2. Carry a notebook.   If we carry a note book & pencil, then  Even if we have 15 minutes to wait at the doctor’s office or any other place, we can begin to formulate a blog post or sketch some of our  other ideas/plans

3. Keep a calendar. We are used to keep several things in our head and just get them done as quickly as possible. But if we  keep a calendar in which we plan out projects, estimating the number of hours things will take. This exercise may go a long way towards eliminating time stress in our lives and we witness we have a clear plan for getting everything accomplished on time.

4. Understand Time Stress: To understand Time Stress, let us assume Two places ie Place A & Place B are 60 Kms apart. It takes one hour to cover the distance by Motor Cycles. If a Boss instructs an individual to cover the distance in 45 minutes, the individual shall be subjected to time stress and may exhibit abnormal traits. He may drive rashly and may meet with accident. Same case is true with our life journey

5. Work anywhere and everywhere. We may use laptop and get some things accomplished any where & every where .
5. Break all tasks into small bits. If  you have even one minute, You may utilize that minute to  get closer to finishing your task.
6. Learn to say no. That is a hard one for some… really hard but it definitely helps in relieving you from Situational stresses.

 Alok Mohan

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