Procedure MQC/SP/002

Empanelment of Auditors

1. Following shall be the Eligibility Criteria for Empanelment of Auditors
  1. Minimum Educational Qualification –  A Science graduate/ Engineering Graduate ie Professional Degree from Recognized university
  1. Successful Qualification of ISO 9001:2008 QMS course from IRCA recognized Institute
  1. Experience:  Minimum five years Experience in relevant Industrial Sector
  1. In case the Auditor does not possess Experience  He shall be accompanied by a Specialist in the relevant trade
  1. Shall be able to read write and speak fluently English, Hindi and one of the Local language of the Geographical  Area being assigned for the Audit
  1. 1.               Process for Empanelment
        On receipt of application of the Auditors, Credentials of the Auditor shall be checked by the Accreditation manager and the Committee members.
 Once the Individual Auditor is cleared for Empanelment, Chief Executive shall witness his Auditing Skill in particular industrial Sector on which the Auditor has been cleared by the Committee members.
  1. 2.               After having cleared in witness Audit, the Auditor shall be empanelled and Registered with the Certification Body.
  2. 3.               After Selection for Empanelment the Auditor shall be provided ISO 9001:2008 QMS    Training for Sharpening Auditing Skill as per following programme
  3. 4.               Witness Document Review Audits of 5 man Days
  4. Witness Certification  Audits of  Five man Days
  5. 6.               The Auditor shall be finally examined for Auditing Skill prior assigning independent responsibility as Lead Auditor
  6. 7.               Following shall be Permanent Auditors of the Certification body having experience in range of Audits as desired vide section 7.2 of iso 17021:2006. They are hereby authorized for  Audits. They shall also examine the Skills of Auditors being empanelled
    1. A.    Alok Mohan
    2. B.    Arta Dhal
    3. C.    M Sharma


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