Procedure MQC/SP/018

For Conduct of Audit effectively



1.0   Purpose:  To define a process achieve and demonstrate effective auditing, including the use of auditors and audit team leaders possessing generic auditing skills and knowledge, as well as skill and knowledge appropriate for auditing in specific technical areas
2.0  Scope:        All Lead auditors and auditors
3.0   Responsibility:           Assessment Manager, Quality Manager
4.0  Definition:                    Nil.

5.0 Procedure:

1.Assessment Manager Identifies auditors /lead auditors who have   Knowledge and responsibilities Generic for quality and environmental Management system                                                                                                 

  • Audit  principles, procedures and techniques: to enable to apply those appropriate to different audits and audits are conducted in a consistent and systematic manner
  • Management system and reference documents to enable the

Auditor to comprehend the scope of the audit and apply audit

  • Organizational situations to enable the audior to comprehend

The organizations operational context

  • Applicable laws, regulations and other requirements relevant to the discipline to enable the auditor to work within and beware of,  the requirements that apply to the organization being audited
    Specific for quality management systems    Quality related methods and techniques: to enable the auditor to examine quality management systems and to generate appropriate audit findings and conclusions. Knowledge and skills in this area should cover

a)        Quality Terminology

b)       Quality management principles and their application and

c)        Quality management tools and their (for example statistical process control, failure mode and effects analysis, etc.)

  • Processes and products, including services: to enable the auditor to               comprehend the technological context in which the audit is being conducted. Knowledge and skills in this area should cover.

a)        Sector specific terminology

b)       Technical characteristics of processes and products, including services and

c)      Sector specific processes and practices

2.Audit  team is selected from the auditors possessing generic skills and Specific knowledge of the management system.

3. Monitor and evaluate the performance of the auditors/lead auditors  On a continual basis. For their effectiveness 






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