As God is Infinite, we just keep on evolving & evolving. Finally our soul (Atma ) merges with God (Paramatma). This stage is called Salvation. Soul is the life-force within us. Soul is like light. Soul is an entity without which body doesn’t have life. Soul means mind+inttelect+resolves. Successive incarnations are for progressive improvement of mankind. All spirits tend towards perfection & that may be justice of God to mankind. A Yogi or a Sage keep up God-consciousness at the time of death & fix his mind on Lord. He never fears death & reap rich spiritual harvest. Death is not end of life. It’s an aspect of life necessary for evolution as Soul has a vision of body. Man with mind fixed on God gets salvation.
Knowledge of Truth ie the God leads us to “Enlightenment” . An enlightened person becomes blissful, desireless and is able to see life in pleasant way. Belief is individual’s experience of truth. Faith is believing something which may not be true. Faith and belief both are related to mind, but not our soul. Trust, Honesty, Communication & Forgiveness are building blocks to strengthen faith & belief. Our Senses draw us towards material pleasures. If we detach from this then a feeling of love develops & compassionate attitude is sprouted. knowledge come from experience. Experience gives us Wisdom. Knowledge comes from God & God gives us determination & Opportunities. If we refuse to be superstitious then no “power” of a curse shall ever harm us. Anger, envy, greed or jealousy may give birth to a Curse. Spirituality promises to provide us pleasure of life as realization creates a Sage~mohanalok

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