Truth is not necessarily the truth, it is just someone’s version of it.
There are two sides to every coin, and there are more then one truths to each story and the absence of truth as well. Both truths are 100% correct. Neither are false. The point of view depends on the person holding the view. The diverse way that we look at the world gives things, ideas and values a different perspective and worth.
It is emphasised, that the truth value of statements depend entirely on the state of the universe at the time when they are uttered. They may be “absolutely” true or false, but only at a given time/place.

However, there are also kinds of statements whose truth values do not depend on the particular state of the universe at the time they are uttered. That is to say, they are either true/false for all possible states of the universe. True statements of this sort are called “self-evident truths” because the converse is inconceivable/unimaginable.

Truth marches along long fields of winding shadows out of an abyss the cursed black hole. Truth is a shower of raining stars hailing down from the heavens it covers the earth
makes is gold. Truth more desirable then many white diamonds it is the thing we search for
a thing we prize the thing we hold

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