Truth is not necessarily the truth, it is just someone’s version of it.

There are two sides to every coin, and there are more then one truths to each story and the absence of truth as well. Both truths are 100% correct. Neither are false. The point of view depends on the person holding the view. The diverse way that we look at the world gives things, ideas and values a different perspective and worth.It is emphasised, that the truth value of statements depend entirely on the state of the universe at the time when they are uttered. They may be “absolutely” true or false, but only at a given time/place. However, there are also kinds of statements whose truth values do not depend on the particular state of the universe at the time they are uttered. That is to say, they are either true/false for all possible states of the universe. True statements of this sort are called “self-evident truths” because the converse is inconceivable/unimaginable.

Truth marches along long fields of winding shadows out of an abyss the cursed black hole. Truth is a shower of raining stars hailing down from the heavens it covers the earth makes is gold. Truth is more desirable then many white diamonds it is the thing we search for a thing we prize the thing we hold~mohanalok

Truth & Reality Truth becomes a lie only when you look at in just one angle that is you concentrate on one aspect and exaggerate its importance. When you look at it from  all aspects it becomes truth.Truth is just the Truth. How you view it, is what makes the difference from the point of the perspective. Truth is not partisan. Truth is within us…meditate and realize
Truth sometimes hurt other people, as it could be something they don’t want to hear.People may judge you for the truth and it would just be easier to tell a lie. lies can hurt too though. you cant live a lie forever and when people find out you’ve been lying to them its never good. you end up making things more complicated than if you had just told the truth in the first place. Truth is dynamic and subjective, truth is like quick silver. So if you capture truth and feel glad , you would never realise what you possess in not the ultimate truth. I think truth is more of a perception than reality. True or False is dependent on our perception of reality, which is distorted by our internal need to enjoy our selves. All of our senses function in order to serve our selfish desires Why do people perceive particular things differently? It is all in relation to what they want, which is truly our essence as human beings; selfish desire. To know truth, we have to exit our subjective projection of reality, and enter a field of forces that compose our matterTruth and reality are not too different from each other. Truth and reality are whatever a person believes them to be. A truth for you may not be a truth for me; a truth is based on opinion based on that persons individual evidence and interpretation of that evidence. My truth of a certain thing can be very different from the truth of that same thing for the man in the apartment next to mine. Everything we see or hear comes through our personal filter of experience, assumptions, and even physical position and is believed to be true by the observer and is the ‘truth’ of the thing observed.A reality is based on an individual’s own experience. My realities, may be quite different from your reality.. We both have different lifetime experiences, access to information, and individual interests., your reality or some other person’s  reality may not necessarily be the same as mine. Truth is a  fact that has been verified while Reality is our  experiences that determine how things appear to us
Truth is independent of our beliefs while Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or may be thought to be. In its widest definition, Reality includes everything that is and has being, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. The intensity of pain or pleasure or an intensity to understand spurs one to seek the Truth. Truth & Confidence are the roots of happiness.When  Seeking reaches at the peak, The Truth shines. During this seeking, you may meet many persons, refer books and so on till you see the Truth. Seeking takes you to your destination. Truth sets you free, so any bonding even with any other individual will be a barrier. The real truth is within you, and when you meditate you will find its all within you and no where out. All true people rejoice in repentance, mercy, and justiceAwareness of  Reality  & Truth: we see that in all our perceptions we have two types of awareness. First is the awareness of reality and second is the awareness of the object associated with reality. The reason such a distinction can be drawn is because while the awareness of objects keep on changing, the awareness of reality remains constant. When we  gain an insight into the Truth   through open mindedness and knowledge. The Truth is out there we just have to have your eyes opened to see it.Faith, Forgiveness and compassion  are  true paths which will lead us to truth. Serving others, Simplicity and Sincerity are advised to seekers of truth.

There are many ways to understand truth. Whether or not you find peace in it, depends on whether you’ve found a viewpoint that resonates with you. No religion is closest to truth. only spirituality is closest to truth. God is one, but there are many ways to reach him.
All religions contain rules, hopes, prayers, etc etc. It’s up to each of us to conduct our own search for truth: to think, feel, learn, experience, to find our own paths, and to find peace within ourselves. There is no distinction, in so far as I can see..

Alok Mohan


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