What is a crime !

What is a crime !


A criminal is someone who breaks law. . A criminal is defined as a person who knows the laws or rules and decides to go against them on his  own will because he has his own agenda . A crime for one individual or one community or  one country would not be a crime for other individual or community or  country. Same way definition of crime for one belief system ie religion is different as compared to other belief system. A great man for one nation may be a petty person for other nation. A crime is therefore an act which is wrong or right, within a particular society. Acts of evil may or may also be victimless. Justice is normally blind & commanded by rules of law. Legal crimes are those crimes, which are violation of specific laws against the best interest of particular society.

No great man, no religious book & no belief system has got any role in individual’s behavior pattern, An individual under stressful conditions may exhibit 3000 identified behavioral traits. Acts of  Crimes are reactions of individuals under different situations. Devils grow inside their minds consequent to loneliness, depression , isolation, confusion &  inability to cope under stressful situations. And it could happen to anyone, young or old, there’s always people out there, of whom are out to cause hurt. Some are clearly phycopaths, others are well educated and healthy.

Criminal act may also be due to  genetic reasons that can lead to criminal activity. Crime may also be due to  severe psychiatric disorder/ Emotional instability. Therefore  anyone is capable of becoming a criminal consequent to particular events. Reaction of different individuals under different stressful situations may be positive or negative.

We generally see that poverty leads to some types of crime while wealth leads to other types. Some individuals  learn crime by copying their parents/elders or friends. It is therefore due to environmental factors. If some one is brought up in a family of criminals, he is more likely to pick up bad habits. These are the  people, who lack education at the moral and ethical level & get involved in criminal activities.
Generally it is seen that educated people are able to debate and work out differences through effective communication with others, and don’t have to rely on violence only to solve their issues.
The most important question is actually how we define “criminal”. For example in many nations if you do not follow particular religious belief system, you are a criminal. Therefore conflicting attitudes, behavior,s or qualities are considered crime within different belief systems.

This is the reason that in spite of so many religions, so many great men & so many  saints were unable to guide individuals to correct path, as they were them selves unsure of their own path~mohanalok

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