When Ignorance is Bliss

When Ignorance is Bliss

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This is human nature  to crave for knowledge and most of us have a burning desire to grow  in all fields & become famous. We do desire for care & love also.  The desire comes from our ego. Controlling ego & desires lead to spiritual progression & Complete Knowledge.  We all know Knowledge is bliss. However  Complete ignorance, at times is also bliss. Ignorance is bliss because if we don’t know something, it can’t hurt us. As long as we don’t know some future events, we are happy. However, we can not live in isolation For example, one of our close friends has been  doing something that may hurt us. But we can remain happy with that person till the time we are ignorant of his actions.  Once we know the truth, our happiness is gone. However this may be applied in specific situations. So when  ignorance is bliss, this is stupidity to be  wise. OnceWe loose our ignorance and bliss with innocence then we gain knowledge, compassion, and understanding.. knowledge is an essential part of our life to progress. little knowledge is also very important as little knowledge leads to more knowledge. Nobody can remain ignorant forever- whether he wants it or not he has to move from ignorance to little knowledge and gradually to greater knowledge. We must  try seeking  knowledge.  Complete knowledge is real bliss. While Total ignorance is a state where we do not know or understand particular situation. Ignorance  is our own perspective that gives us temporary pleasure. When we are ignorant we may  make a mistake of blaming the external world for our ailments. We must always remember if our eyes are positive , we  would like all the people in the world and if our tongue is positive all people in the world will like us

Alok Mohan



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