ancient indian history

The process involves submitting us, your content through E Mail.

We welcome a wide range of genres, including history, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more. Our platform is versatile to accommodate various creative works.

There are no upfront fees for publishing, While you will have to deposit a nominal amount of Rs 1500/- for checking, proof reading services etc, at our end. We operate on a revenue/profit-sharing model, where authors earn a percentage of sales.

We support text-based content, only including images for covers. Currently, video support is not available.

Authors receive payments through a secure payment system. Payouts are typically processed on six monthly basis.

Yes, we have a review process to ensure content, submitted by you, meets our guidelines. This helps maintain quality across the platform.

Yes, authors can not edit and update their content once their work is published.

We use marketing resources, tips, and featured spots to promote the work, submitted by authors. However authors may use their own marketing campaigns/additional promotional tools on social media.

You retain full copyright and ownership of your work. We only ask for the rights necessary to distribute and sell your content on our platform.

We take copyright seriously and have measures in place to address any potential issues. Authors must ensure that they have the right to publish the content they submit.

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