Some Questions

As we all are aware that every idea that strengthens us must be taken up and every thought that weakens us  must be rejected. We must dare  to be free, dare to go as far as our thought leads, and dare to further our objectives in our life, ie objectives which we feel are righteous.

To be ambitious to achieve goals is human weakness but most of the times hurrying up and over speeding may harm us. The Great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. Do not fear hardship, and do not fear death. How wonderful it is that nobody has to wait a single moment before starting to improve our world ie the environment around us and we may start now.

We all have taken birth in the land of dreams & it does not matter whether we enjoy or cry but our dreams should go on and must not get broken. We are not less human beings and are entitled same dreams, same opportunities, same justice  & same share in natural resources of the land,  which is being given to people of other   ethnicities  or other religions, including reserved and privileged classes of people.

We know earth is a thinking planet.  Earth is super conscious and has been consistently maintaining  balance of  all systems.  She may excuse people  for their  small mistakes, but if they continue playing with her systems then they  may be inviting   disasters. If we  understand these words in the true spirit and apply our minds  to work in this light then our conscious efforts may  illuminate us and our paths and the path of truth shall become visible to us.

In the light of above statements, there may be  many questions which always have been haunting most of us.

  1. Why was tall leadership of Bengal and Punjab, was suspiciously eliminated by the then political leadership prior 1947  partition based on religion.
  2. Why was there no effort to protect people of particular ethnicities by the then administration
  3. Why was the right of life, right inheritance of ancestral properties/roots not honored by the then political leadership
  4. Why did post partitioned India had two yard sticks for growth of her people For example:-  Haryana government reduced retirement age of all employees but gave extension to only people of particular ethnicities from 1969 onwards to 1974.
  5. Why the population of punjabi hindus reduced to negligible (Close to zero) in Pakistan
  6.   Why the leadership of India made all punjabi hindus to settle at different places all over india  and did not earmark  lands  in the form of a separate state     under the constitution
  7. And final question”Why did our political leadership select only Punjab & bengal for partition during 1947″  There may be  many more questions,  which may haunt most of us and therefore we all  need to be enlightened.

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