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A Tribute to my mother.

Dr Mrs Lajja Devi Mohan.
In the quietude that followed 15 Feb 2023, our hearts were engulfed by an overwhelming sense of loss as we mourned the passing of a wonderful mother, Dr Mrs L.D. Mohan, who was not only a beacon of wisdom, but also an embodiment of unconditional love & affection.
Her absence has left a deep void that could never truly be filled.
The echoes of her laughter, the warmth of her embrace, and the profound conversations, we shared lingered in our memories, a bittersweet reminder of the beautiful moments, we were blessed to have with her.
As we are in the process of navigating the journey of grief, we found solace in the words she had penned and the philosophies she had imparted. Her teachings, like whispered echoes from beyond, continued to guide us through the labyrinth of emotions. With each page we turned, her presence felt tangible, her voice a soothing balm for our aching hearts. He contributions to the academic fraternity are placed at following link:-

In the midst of sorrow, we held onto the lessons she had taught us about life, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge. Though her physical presence was no longer with us, her spirit lived on through all the lives, she had touched, the minds, she had expanded, and the love she had nurtured.

The pain of her absence was a testament to the depth of the connection we shared, a bond that transcended time and space. And as we moved forward, we carried her memory as a beacon of inspiration, a reminder to cherish the moments we have and to continue to explore the depths of thought, just as she had done.
Rest in peace, dear mother, author, and philosopher. Your legacy lives on in the pages of your work and the hearts of those you touched.
In loving memory of a remarkable mother, celebrated author, and profound philosopher. Her words have not only graced the pages of countless books but have also etched themselves into the very fabric of our understanding. Her wisdom illuminated the paths of many, guiding them through life’s intricate tapestry. As we remember her, let us cherish the legacy of her intellectual brilliance and the warmth of her maternal love, forever intertwined in the hearts of those who had the privilege to know her through her work and in person.
Kindly visit following link for her detailed profile.

Cdr Alok Mohan.

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